Listen for hospital encounter updates

Medical devices

Listening for hospital admission updates is useful if you want notifications about movements within a specific hospital.

Typically, you can use this API action so that you are notified when any of these events occur within your connection’s EHR system:

  • A patient is admitted to the hospital.
  • A patient is transferred to a different department of the hospital.
  • A patient is discharged from the hospital.

An event notification is triggered anytime there is an admission, transfer, or discharge for an individual patient within the hospital.

Action Steps

  • 1 Listen for patient registration updates (visit) None
  • 2 Listen for patient preadmit notifications None
  • 3 Listen for patient arrival notifications None
  • 4 Listen for patient transfer notifications None
  • 5 Listen for patient discharge notifications None

Refer to the resource schema for more details.

View resource schema

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