Listen for scheduling updates

Remote patient monitoring Telehealth

You may want to listen for scheduling updates if you want information about a patient appointment, like the type of visit, provider name, location, or date.

Typically, you can use this API action so that you are notified when any of these events occur within your connection’s EHR system:

  • An outpatient appointment is created.
  • A scheduled outpatient appointment is modified, rescheduled, or canceled.

You can use this API action if your system does any pre-visit work, like sending a preparatory patient questionnaire, helping with patient check-in prior to the appointment, updating patients about appointment changes.

Action Steps

  • 1 Listen for booked appointment notifications None
  • 2 Listen for modified appointment notifications None
  • 3 Listen for rescheduled appointment notifications None
  • 4 Listen for canceled appointment notifications None

Refer to the resource schema for more details.

View resource schema

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Remote patient monitoring

Help patients manage chronic diseases, and keep track of at-risk patients.


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