Retrieve patient conditions

Diagnostic testing

You can use this action if you want to access a patient’s diagnoses—as documented by a specific organization. The EHR system returns a patient’s general diagnoses, problems, or health concerns.

Typically, you can use this for offering:

  • patient education for specific conditions
  • targeted services to relevant patients

Action Steps

  • 1 Retrieve a patient's diagnoses Required

Refer to the resource schema for more details.

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Query Parameter Required Notes
patient.identifier You must include at least one identifier for the patient that's used by the EHR system you're querying. If you don't have a patient identifier, you can find one by Search for a patient with demographics.
category Set to problem-list-item.

The response contains one or more conditions for an individual patient. You can find the total number of included medications in the total array for FHIR responses.

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Diagnostic testing

Use testing to gain greater insights and facilitate more precise and personalized care.

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