Reallocate your efforts.

Build with Redox and integrate anywhere.

Don’t Become an Integration Company

Integrating at scale can take half of your development team, and it’s not sexy work (believe us). Focus on the things that make your product unique. We’ve got integration covered.

Integrate like you’ve done it a thousand times

We have. And we’ll bring that expertise to the table in your integration strategy, scoping, and sales conversations.

Deploy at Scale

We’ll help you move fast. From engineering to deployment, our platform delivers efficiency gains that gets products to market faster.

Sell into our Network

200+ healthcare organizations are already up and running. Our connections should make getting through IT that much easier, and if your customer isn’t already on the network, we’ll connect them for free.

Finally, a scalable integration solution

One connection

Authorize, authenticate, and exchange health data with healthcare organizations through a centralized endpoint and management dashboard.

One format

Never exchange specs again. Build against our API, and we’ll configure the engine to work with your customers’ specifications.

What you want, when you need it

Forget the firehose. Apply advanced filters to limit data exchanged to what really matters. Let your workflow
— not source systems — dictate how you acquire data. Choose to query or receive real-time notifications.


Build vs. Buy: The Integrator's Dilemma
Understand the complexities and requirements of EHR integration.

Integration Doesn't Need to be Scary
Integrating with an EHR can feel overwhelming; from where to begin all the way to going live, there’s a lot to know and even more to get done.

The Road to Going Live
Understand our implementation process with this step-by-step overview.

API docs: Figure out what’s possible, and get building.

Redox Under the Hood
Get an overview of key API functions and features, as well as information on our user dashboard and system security.

How to Get Started
Interested in forging ahead? Here’s a quick look at what the process will look like.


For us to connect to an Epic health system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success.
Senior Product Manager


The biggest reason we switched to Redox from Mirth was the ongoing costs of customizing messages for each client. We had to invest in a lot of specialized knowledge and dedicated developers just to handle Mirth. We already do REST APIs, so switching to Redox was a win-win.
Developer Lead


Redox has provided us with the ability to integrate the Glooko platform into our health system customer’s EHR in an efficient and timely manner, allowing for improved provider workflow and more effective treatment decisions at the point of care for patients with diabetes.
Enterprise Business Development Executive

What are you building?

We believe in a world where the best solution gets the job, not the guy from the golf course— it’s about the merit, not rolodex. Integration should be available to anyone with an idea to make healthcare better. If application deployment was turnkey, sales cycles would drop and experimentation would flourish. We need these efficiencies in our industry, because in the end, we are all patients. That’s what we’re about.