[Redox Review] August 2022 product and event update

August 18, 2022
Nichole Wolf Customer Marketing Manager

As we wrap up the summer, we’re excited to share a handful of product updates to continuously improve your Redox experience. Below is our August recap of what’s new, noteworthy, and on the roadmap. We’ve also included a recap of some of our recent events, including a session all about economic drivers + regulatory considerations for key segments of the healthcare industry. As always, you can find a variety of ways to engage with the Redox team at the end of the update. Happy reading!

Recent Releases

Redox Dashboard Single Sign-on (SSO)

This highly requested feature enables customers to log in to the Redox dashboard using their existing 3rd party Single Sign-on (SSO) provider (for example, Okta). Visit our docs site for more on how to set up SSO for your organization in Redox.

Redox Dashboard MLLP Endpoint and VPN Status

We are increasing visibility into your endpoint integration status, adding a dashboard feature to help you monitor outages or functionality issues with your VPN integrations with other healthcare organizations. If you have problems with a connection that uses VPN, quickly check the VPN status and review the specific IP ports and addresses to immediately take relevant action. 

For detailed information about how to view the VPN status and obtain details about your organization’s MLLP integration endpoints, visit our docs site here.

Explore API Actions in the Redox Dashboard

You can now explore and demo API Actions in the Redox Dashboard! In addition to visualizing how Redox can meet your integration needs, you can send and receive sample requests to learn what to expect when leveraging Redox to integrate with a health system. After sending the request and receiving the response in the dashboard, you can then go to the logs to view the transaction just explored.

Get started exploring here!

What’s Coming

Keep an eye out for blog posts announcing the release of these new features! You can subscribe to our Changelog for product announcements + updates.

Canada Support!

We’re excited to share that the Redox Network is officially expanding to Canada! This new offering will allow support for Canadian healthcare organizations to integrate with your solutions without having to obtain patient consent. Data will be processed in the US and then sent to a new Canadian AWS instance. More information to come!

Logs: Debug Mode

This release provides customers with the power to debug log attempts within the Redox dashboard. This enhancement to the Logs page allows customers to see all log attempts for asynchronous traffic that have been retried. 

This enhanced visibility will increase the speed at which you’re able to create successful connections, or resolve problems with an existing connection.

Redox Provider Portal 

Healthcare organizations will be able to manage their own presence in Redox; they’ll have access to a dedicated dashboard with the ability to track connection progress, providing greater visibility + project synergy.

In addition, we’ll release VPN configuration into the healthcare organization onboarding process. Redox will assist in deploying + testing VPN configuration so that healthcare organizations can connect to other nodes in the Redox network.

Events Recap

Tim and George talk specialty labs integrations

[Webinar] Redox Recommendations: Interoperability considerations and best practices for Speciality Lab integrations

Tim Kessler, Senior Solutions Architect at Redox, will guide you through macro trends, interoperability considerations, and an integration workflow deep dive. Watch the replay

Healthcare's sectors: Understanding the unique economic and regulatory drivers

[Webinar] Healthcare’s sectors: Understanding the unique economic and regularly drivers

Explore a breakdown of how to segment the healthcare industry, how to identify end markets, and the key economic drivers + regulatory differences for each sector. Watch the replay

[Partner Webinar] New Research: How Interoperability Improves the Healthcare Experience

Last month, Redox’s Group Product Manager Nick McKenzie joined a panel of experts to share some thoughts on interoperability and recent research conducted by AWS Marketplace. The research + discussion centered around understanding how healthcare and payer organizations are using technology to advance patient and provider experiences. 

Check out the full replay of the Xtelligent Media and AWS Marketplace research findings and panel discussions.

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