Digital Health Done Right: Avedis and TeleMedTrack

Posted March 30, 2017
By Julia Zehel

Digital Health Done Right is a new Redox Blog Series that will shine a light on a member of our interoperable network. We believe in what our partners are doing and we want to share their stories and outcomes with you.

Chances are, even if you’re new to healthcare, you’re familiar with the terms “telemedicine” and “telehealth” and know that the interchangeable terms refer to the treatment and diagnoses of remote patients by utilizing telecommunication technology like video conferencing and mobile devices.

Telemedicine was originally developed to help reach and treat patients living in rural areas. Since then, it’s been an incredibly fast-growing vertical in healthcare, and for good reason—it’s more convenient, cuts down on time commuting to a provider, gets patients diagnosed quickly, provides expanded access to care for people living in underserved or remote areas, and affords patients who would have difficulty getting to a hospital (especially the elderly) the ease of being treated from home.

Sounds like a win for all involved, right?

Well, in many ways it is, but as with any new technology just starting to be widely adopted, telemedicine has experienced some growing pains. Chief among these new challenges are continuity of care disruption inherent in new technology being introduced into a long-standing workflow, the fractionalized patient information, and the loss of personal interaction in patient care. 

Naturally, healthcare entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to address these problems and provide solutions that smooth out the wrinkles many clinicians and patients face while utilizing telemedicine.

One such company is Avedis, a company founded by a stroke neurologist whose clinical background helped create TeleMedTrack, a platform that actually addresses the needs of clinicians and patients.

TeleMedTrack unifies communication, simplifies documentation, and makes data collection less of a chore for networks and providers to streamline telemedicine and ultimately deliver improved telemedicine patient care.

The cool thing about this platform is that it brings all the moving parts of telemedicine together so that all aspects of a patient’s care can be viewed, tracked, and accessed in one interactive platform. From the call center that schedules appointments and alerts providers, to the patient entering their demographic information, to the care provider submitting their consultation documents, everything is logged into TeleMedTrack.

Group messaging between all members of a patient’s care team helps streamline communication and synchronize care delivery; there’s no need to call up a physician and wait for him or her to call back hours later because they’ll receive a messaging alert right on their phone, and they can view reports on their mobile devices as well.

A more centralized method of communicating during a telemedicine visit means both providers and patients are more likely to actually engage with and use TeleMedTrack. All of this information, communication, evaluation, and documentation is logged and audited in real time, allowing data to be aggregated into reports and quality metrics that can be assessed by any member of the care team. This is important, because more cohesive reporting allows team members the ability to more accurately answer the question, “is this working?”

As a telemedicine provider who’s treating someone miles away, that’s incredibly valuable insight to have.  

Another impressive thing about TeleMedTrack is that it integrates with the patient’s electronic health record, meaning that all data entered into the platform syncs up with a patient’s medical record. Anytime a patient needs to be seen, via telemedicine or in person, all their information and past medical history will be available to any care provider at their health system.

We helped Avedis integrate TeleMedTrack at a health system running Meditech, and we’re going to begin celebrating our customers more often because they’re doing digital health right. There’s so many companies out there whose use of technology muddles the patient experience and ultimately doesn’t deliver improved results; Avedis isn’t one of them, and we’re proud to help get their product into the hands of patients and providers faster.

TeleMedTrack is an awesome, valuable platform, and we encourage you to check it out further at https://avedis.io/.

Come back next week when we spotlight TytoCare, a remote-patient monitoring device that makes routine physician examinations possible at home.