Digital health done right: Healthify

May 29, 2018
George McLaughlin Director of Solutions Marketing

Digital Health Done Right is a Redox Blog Series that shines a light on a member of our interoperable network. We believe in our partners’ missions and want to share their stories and outcomes with you.

Every great while you run into a company whose mission is so pure it stops you in your tracks.

It breaks you from the illusion that capitalism exists solely as a means of generating wealth and reminds you that some organizations are founded on visions of making the world a better place.

Healthify is one of those organizations. Their purpose made clear by their mission statement. Their sincerity felt in every interaction.

“Build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need.”

-Healthify Mission Statement

The obvious question when met with such a lofty goal is–where to start?

For Healthify, the initial target was clear: our healthcare system’s inability to effectively understand and address the social determinants of health known to dramatically impact health outcomes.

Our system’s shortcomings aren’t for lack of desire. We live in a world filled with incredible individuals and organizations dedicated to helping people. The problem, the reason so many individuals go without help, is that understanding needs and facilitating connections with available resources is hard.

Thankfully, Healthify isn’t deterred by hard problems. Where others would throw up their hands and accept the status quo, they set out to build a solution that could:

The result? The Healthify Platform. A software solution that is changing the way healthcare and government organizations understand and address social determinants of health.

With Healthify an organization can easily identify resources, facilitate closed-loop referrals, and track results. They are no longer blind to what support exists nor do they run into the roadblocks associated with referring patients to a diverse group of partners. Healthify simplifies and standardizes the process so that it is simple to make connections that have a huge impact on health outcomes while also providing the infrastructure necessary to hold partners accountable and identify alternatives as needed.

In digital health, it’s easy to get caught up in buzzwords and speculative use cases of new technologies. The reality though is that some of the most impactful opportunities, the ones that can have a significant, immediate impact on patient outcomes and costs, are the ones that improve how we address the foundational determinants of health. They are the ones that identify existing inefficiencies, deliver improved solutions, and empower existing systems and individuals to have a larger impact.

Healthify is a shining example of the kind of positive impact technology can have on our industry and we couldn’t be more proud to support their mission.