Want to join the Redox Engineering team? Read this first.

Posted March 13, 2019
By George McLaughlin

Joining a new company is almost always a leap of faith. You never really know what life will be like until you’ve officially joined and spent some time within the organization. As we ramp up hiring (this year is going to be pretty crazy) we want to help prospective employees have as much information as possible before pushing their chips into the center of the table and taking the plunge. So, to get started, here are five things every prospective engineer should know about Redox.

We Believe Learning > Language 

The language you have programmed in is the least important part of what you can bring to the table.  Seriously.

We surveyed our Engineers:

Can you reply listing out the languages / frameworks / or tools you would have considered yourself professionally competent in prior to joining Redox.  Try to limit yourself to the 1-4 languages or frameworks you were most competent in.

21 Engineers replied, here is what they said (we’ve bolded our current stacks):

Language / Framework / Architecture Count
C# 11
Java 6
Python 6
Javascript 5
Node 4
C 3
Ruby 3
Typescript 3
React 3
Angular 2 3
MVC / WebAPI 2
C++ 2
Scheme 2
Perl 2
Scala 2
Go 2
Coldfusion 2
JQuery 2
VB6 2

+ A dozen other unique responses not listed here.

As you can see, we’re not only interested in Engineers who happen to have experience in our stack.  We don’t know what problems we’ll solve tomorrow, how we’ll solve them, or what the best tools for us to solve them will be.  We assume we’ll figure it out together.

We care that our Engineers are amazing programmers who are lifelong learners and great teammates more than what languages they know today.

If you know our stacks, you’ll be able to have an impact more quickly.  If you know our future stacks, even better–you can help teach us from your experience :).

Our Legacy Stack(s)

These are the techs / languages / frameworks on which we built the major pieces of our product(s) today. We continue to work in and with them even as we look toward the future.  We are excited about Marie Kondo’ing them!

Infrastructure / CI-CD



Our Emergent Stack(s)

We’re in the process of moving away from our old stack(s) and into new ones.  Most of the techs / languages / frameworks below are in use in some capacity in production today or will be soon.

Infrastructure / CI-CD



Our Engineering Team Values

As a company, Redox has a core set of values that hire for and coach based on (they are listed on our Careers page for you to review).  

The Engineering organization within Redox has an additional set of values:

Security is the Baseline

When customers choose to work with us, they are trusting us with their success and their most sensitive data. Because they trust us, we have a moral, ethical, and legal obligation to be worthy of that trust, by doing everything we can to keep their data safe.

Context over Control

Decisions must be made quickly and by the people closest to the problem. That means we must share context instead of trying to exert control.

Individual Growth and Learning over Immediate Results

Developing strength on the team is always a primary consideration and it will often be in tension with doing what is expedient. We optimize for learning over marginal gains in speed or quality.

Ownership of Outcomes over Neatly-Defined Work

Teams are responsible for product and business-level outcomes, not checking boxes or satisfying requirements.

Team Productivity over Individual Productivity

Engineering is a team sport. Teams can produce larger outcomes than individuals so we optimize for the team.

Confidence and Safety over Speed

Confidence means we know that our product is working and will continue to work in the future. This means putting in the work to write tests, build in telemetry and alerting, and define and monitor KPIs. Safety means that our customers’ informed expectations of our system are correct. There is no safety without confidence.

Speed over Perfection

Once we achieve aimed-for business value and the project is safe and accessible to the team, we ship, even if there’s more we’d like to do. If it feels perfect, we wasted time.

Clear, Quick Decisions over Consensus

We cannot allow decision-making to slow us down. We must ensure we can make clear, quick decisions so that we can move to action.

We are a Distributed Team

From day one Redox has been a firm believer that the future of work is distributed. We’ve worked hard to build an organization that not only allows but celebrates distributed work. To learn more about our distributed culture check out our co-founder and CTO James Lloyd’s interview here. There’s a lot of good information about Redox but the distributed conversation starts at 4:55.


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