Introducing “Integration Powered by Redox” Badges!

Posted May 18, 2017
By George McLaughlin


Recently, we’ve had an influx of requests from customers wanting to let the world know that they can integrate with any EHR. In response, we’ve created an “Integration Powered by Redox” badge that any of our partners can proudly display on their website.

Here’s what the badge looks like (if navy blue doesn’t fit quite right with your website’s color scheme, don’t worry—there are a variety of color options you can choose from): 


Feel free to use this badge wherever you see fit. A few of our partners have already placed the badge in their homepage footer, like so:


The files are accessible via a
Dropbox folder and include simple instructions outlining how to add the badge to your website. If you’d like to advertise the fact that your product is easily and efficiently integrated, grab everything you need from the link below!

Give me those files!