The official Redox Shirtification of Excellence

May 22, 2016
George McLaughlin Director of Solutions Marketing

One of the most amazing parts of building a network of health systems and digital health applications that can easily share data through our platform is all the incredibly talented people we get to work with on a daily basis. From brilliant app developers building solutions that will drastically improve patient care to the interface analysts and IT teams who valiantly keep all of these systems running and evolving- we get to interact and partner with really awesome people!

We’d like to give thanks to these individuals who have learned about our solution and devoted the time and resources to utilize it within their organization. As a fun “thank you”, we’ve decided to roll out an official Redox “Shirtification” Program. I know, you’re asking yourself (with bated breath), what the heck does shirtification mean?

The Goods

Individuals who meet the following criteria will be gifted with an official Redox T-shirt and extremely valuable “Redox Certificate of Excellence”. Get it now?

Redox shirts are not only incredibly soft and fashionable, they are guaranteed to make you this happy.

The Criteria

I know, you desperately want the above package (and promised increased happiness). Don’t worry, qualifying is as simple as:

The Delivery

To start, we will be reaching out to the folks we have worked closest with and requesting your shirt size/ mailing address.

Moving forward, we will look to track these actions at an application level and reach out proactively, but also encourage anyone who is jonesing for a R^Shirtificate^of^Excellence to apply here and state your case as to why you deserve to join this illustrious group: