Logs: Recent feature updates

October 5, 2021
Mike Product Manager

Since the initial launch of the Logs feature back in July, we’ve made a number of enhancements to make it easier to use and understand:

Result Counts

We’ve gotten feedback that it’s difficult to quickly understand the volume of Logs results. As such, we’ve added full result counts to the bottom of the search results list for all searches, along with a link to the last page of results for easier navigation:

Result counts are retrieved separately from each search request to ensure that you still receive the initial page of results as quickly as possible. If a count is not retrievable, reduce the search time window via the date range picker at the top. 

Safe URL Sharing

At launch, it was possible to share most searches via URL with the exception of searches that utilized the keyword search box at the top. This was an intentional omission at the time, to ensure that plaintext URLs do not contain potentially sensitive search information (such as a patient name or MRN). 

We’ve updated Logs search to store a temporary reference ID for any search terms supplied so that, now, any Logs page state or log entry can be shared via the URL in the address bar.

This ID value is a unique reference to the original search term that is not derived from the term itself. These references expire 14 days from their most recent use. 

Sticky Stage Selection

We’ve heard that for some use cases, it feels like the Logs page requires too many clicks. Now, when selecting a Log stage, if you select another log of the same type, the stage selected will be retained, allowing for faster investigation of similar error states or payload types. Stage selected is also included in the URL context so that others on your team will see the same page that you do when loading a shared a URL.

Layout Adjustments

Finally, we’ve made a number of layout adjustments to ensure that the Logs page is visually appealing and manageable. This includes a global layout change for our dashboard, removing the header and footer areas, as well as other margin and positioning changes for elements of the Logs page itself.

That’s it for now! Please continue to provide any feedback that you have via the “Feedback” tab on the lower right-hand side of the Logs page. This helps us to prioritize the most important updates as we continue to build upon this feature in future iterations.

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