Notification of Update to Redox’s Data Retention Policy

Posted October 24, 2019
By James Lloyd

Redox’s goal is to reduce the friction of technology adoption in healthcare with the purpose of making healthcare data useful.  As we’ve grown from working with 10s of customers to 100s, we’ve learned a lot and have observed some massive inefficiencies that we’re uniquely positioned in the industry to help solve.  To date, the main one that we’ve focused on is simplifying the process of integrating with any EHR vendor, HIE, and health data source by providing an integration platform and tools using a consistent way to send and receive data.

As we’ve matured our product offering and deepened our understanding of the healthcare industry’s needs, we realized we also needed to make sure that we were keeping our policies aligned with our product.  While we were building a network of over 500 connections, data security and privacy started to become a bigger issue in all of our lives with recent calls for regulation in how data is collected and used by major tech companies.  The desire to feel ownership over how your data is used resonates with everyone at Redox, both as individuals and as an organization. We are privileged to be entrusted with the incredibly personal information needed to provide quality healthcare and take that responsibility very seriously.

We make a commitment to our customers that we provide a consistent data exchange experience that allows you to design once and connect to any system using ONC-certified technology.  In order to provide this and to continue to evolve our offering to meet the needs of our customers, Redox will store all data we receive during the length of contracted services. This will allow us to enhance the integration infrastructure we provide to our customers. Our full data retention policy can be made available at customer request.

We’ve created a Redox Data Retention Philosophy that is designed to articulate our intentions and commitments to make sure the data we retain is done for the purpose of enabling frictionless adoption of technology in healthcare and making healthcare data useful.

Redox Data Retention Philosophy:

  1. Redox collects data for the purpose of facilitating normalized data exchange in the healthcare sector.
  2. Redox does not receive or retain data without appropriate business associate agreements in place.
  3. Redox will not sell or share data for uses outside of contracted healthcare data needs.
  4. Any data collected by Redox will only be used for purposes related to improving healthcare data exchange.
  5. Redox will destroy data in accordance with contractual and regulatory obligations.

For customers that have thoughts or questions to share, please reach out to any of the Redox team members you work with to discuss.