Place your bets on data

March 17, 2023
Jessica Bonham-Werling Solutions Marketing Manager

A recap of our recent “How Cloud and AI are transforming healthcare” event

If you missed it, last week Redox was lucky enough to host a chat between our longtime friend Jeff Englander of Healthcare Strategy Bullpen and David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare at Microsoft.

While I know most recaps tend to go sequentially through the conversation, I can’t help but to skip right to the end where David really drove home how AI and Cloud are not just about modernizing technology, but about setting a business strategy that allows organizations to stay competitive in tomorrow’s healthcare.

“If your goal is to compete in this marketplace you have to do things that are faster, better, more efficient, that provide better value, and lead to better experiences. The only way to do that is by betting on data.
David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare at Microsoft

Bet on data! Now that I have put a heart around that quote, I can go back to the beginning. David started by laying out some of the key drivers that have led us to a place where AI and the Cloud are not just a real possibility, but also a necessity to address clinician burnout, rising costs, and inefficiency in healthcare.

Throughout the conversation he describes a variety of ways in which AI can be useful in healthcare. My personal favorite is his overview of how providers can use generative AI to automate administrative workflows.

And, of course he answers the question everyone is asking – will there be a ChatGPT for healthcare?

While he mostly painted a rosy picture, he did acknowledge just how hard it is, and will continue to be, to move healthcare data to the cloud so we can actually get to the use cases that apply AI.

Oh and by the way, he mentioned how Redox can help overcome some of those challenges.

“Redox is a great partner of ours, and we are very excited about all the work they are doing to enable interoperability, which allows us to then take advantage of these datasets.”
David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare at Microsoft

To check out the full conversation between Jeff and David, watch How AI and Cloud are transforming healthcare.

Let us help you bet on data. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the Redox and Microsoft partnership.