The Redox Podcast: Episode 14 – COVID-19: Can Digital Health Help?

Posted March 27, 2020
By Niko Skievaski

We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that will strain our healthcare delivery system beyond anything we’ve seen before. Those of us who work in healthcare technology have reprioritized to attempt to bring something novel–something of use–to the new challenges faced by health systems. This is a special episode of the podcast including guests from 10 digital health vendors who have created a COVID-19 specific solution. From the time a patient thinks they have symptoms, to getting on a waiting list, to triaging in an overcrowded and socially-distant emergency department, to care within the hospital and beyond, digital health solutions have stepped up to fight this pandemic.

Key Moments

01:15 – Social distancing and the excess demand problem
03:26 – Hypothesis: technology can be used to increase caregiver efficiency and effectiveness
06:02 – Vital and c19check.com screening tool
09:00 – Epion’s remote check-in and triage solution
11:13 – Gauss and Operation Apollo for contactless triage
14:35 – ERexpress’s virtual waiting room
16:14 – Bravado and the forgotten patient population
18:09 – Redivis reducing errors in cardiac arrest
22:00 – EmOpti’s streamlined telehealth triage
26:19 – CareLoop in reducing PPE and better communication
32:22 – Logical Medical Systems C19 Tracker for remote patient monitoring
35:02 – Medbridge’s COVID-19 patient and provider education tool kit

We adopted these tracks from our 3/25 virtual conference: Innovate COVID. Check out our COVID-19 resource center for more solutions and videos from the conference.