The Redox Podcast 38: The PCC takeover

February 19, 2021
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Today, we are happy to be joined by the entrepreneurs behind PointClickCare, a company that provides cloud-based technology solutions to long-term care centers across North America. Dave Wessinger is the co-founder and president of PointClickCare, and BJ Boyle is the Vice President and General Manager of PointClickCare’s Post-Acute Insights division.

In our conversation, we got to talking about the work culture at PointClickCare, beginning with the founding of the company by Dave and his brother, Mike. When they founded PointClickCare, Dave and Mike took chances, betting on the cloud, what was then cutting-edge technology. But they were both sure of their idea, and, as Dave highlights, their shared values helped to build the company, and to keep it strong.

“The one thing about being founder led is your North star is a very easy one. It really is about helping people… and ours is people over profits, 10 times out of 10, and it shows in the way we operate.”

Here, we also talk about how companies change over time and bring in new innovators and collaborators. Today, PointClickCare is responding to a new stimulus for change- COVID.

“We had a crisis readiness and response team… that was really designed to go in and say, how can we help, period. We just want to be helpful.”

Key moments:

This blog was written by Redox production intern, Rosalind Lucier!