The Redox Podcast 39: Withings’ journey from consumer to remote patient monitoring

March 2, 2021
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

I’m an analog watch kind of guy. But I’m clearly also into digital health. So most wrist wearables introduce a paradox as I’m used to adorning my wrist with a nice looking watch–pretty much the only jewelry acceptable for men. But then, I found the Withings watch. It’s a minimalist bauhaus-style analog watch, beautiful by any watch standards, but it packs a quantified-self punch, including step count, heart rate, and heads up notifications from your phone. Needless to say it’s been a great solution for my left wrist. 

So I’ve been familiar with Withings for some time now, as the makers of this beautiful watch. Then, I heard that we’re working with them at Redox. I had to know why a watch company needs an EHR integration strategy. I learned how their portfolio of products are actually focused on painting a more complete picture of what’s going on with a patient. On this show, featuring Antoine Robiliard, Withing’s head of Health Solutions, joined us all the way from Paris, to dive into their product mix and wider RPM strategies.

How do you pronounce “Withings”? 

I brought this up to Antoine when we first met. The company’s original concept was “wifi things” so there’s a cohort of folks who call it “why-things”. But he said internally, they say “wee-things” so I obliged. Another common pronunciation is “with-ings”, putting the emphasis elsewhere. In the end, he says it’s all good. Just happy that people are saying. So modest. 

Key Moments