Press Release: Redox Launches Amazon HealthLake Connector and Announces Support for AWS for Health Initiative

Posted July 20, 2021
By David Millsaps

MADISON, Wis., July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Redox, has officially launched a new Amazon HealthLake Connector offering to help providers, digital health and life science vendors, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to securely and compliantly mine new insights from their health data.   

Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare and life sciences organizations to ingest, store, query, and analyze their health data at scale. Amazon HealthLake uses machine learning to understand and extract meaningful medical information from unstructured data, and then organizes, indexes, and stores that information in chronological order. For companies whose healthcare data is not yet conformant to the FHIR® R4 format, Redox’s validated Amazon HealthLake Connector transforms it into the FHIR® standard and then transports it to Amazon HealthLake.

“One of the most meaningful trends in healthcare is the application of big data analytics to the mountains of medical data across the industry,” said Devin Soelberg, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Redox. “Amazon HealthLake can help provide uncover insights that make diagnosis more accurate, innovators more efficient, and patients healthier.  Redox is pleased to work with AWS to accelerate the adoption of machine learning and AI in healthcare.”

Additionally, Redox is pleased to announce support for the AWS for Health Initiative to accelerate innovation and efficient exchange of health data in healthcare and life sciences. AWS for Health features services and solutions from Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and strategic partners, built specifically for healthcare, biopharma, and genomics customers. The initiative makes it easier for organizations to scale efficiently across the health community.

“CancerIQ is on the cutting edge of using genomic information to prevent or identify cancer in its earliest stages. We need key partners to help accelerate adoption of genomics as part of routine care for everyone. It’s not just building great technology, it’s about getting that technology into the hands of providers and patients, and we know that takes a village.” Lisa Glaspie, Director of Integrated Products, CancerIQ.

“Healthcare and life sciences organizations are looking to use health data effectively to enable more personalized health care by revealing relationships in data and discovering trends. However, making this a reality is often hindered by cost and complexity,” said Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, Director of Machine Learning at AWS. “With Redox as an Amazon HealthLake Connector Partner, customers who do not already have data in the FHIR format can leverage their new offering to translate legacy clinical data e.g., HL7, CSV, CCA, and move it to Amazon HealthLake as standardized FHIR records. Amazon HealthLake further structures the data and enables customers to easily use Amazon SageMaker machine learning ML models and Amazon QuickSight analytics, making it seamless for researchers and practitioners to collaborate, discover health trends, and deliver better care for patients.”

David Millsaps
[email protected]