Press Release: Redox launches FHIR® API to bring healthcare up to speed with new data standard

Posted October 28, 2021
By David Millsaps

Healthcare IT platform releases industry’s first developer tools that convert healthcare data into the FHIR® syntax within any integration environment

MADISON, Wis., Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today Redox, the industry-leading platform for healthcare interoperability, has officially released the Redox FHIR® API. This expansion to the platform converts all data exchange with hospitals, providers, payers, HIEs, and every type of health system into the FHIR® syntax. As a result, healthcare receives full access to the future of integrated data through today’s Redox FHIR® API.

Current legislation mandates that healthcare entities embed only two FHIR-conformant EHR functionalities: query and single sign on (SSO) applications. However, Redox provided further tooling for developers working with FHIR®.

Redox is healthcare’s first and only platform where developers have a sandbox that can convert all FHIR® communications into multiple data exchange simulations using a single API. Developers can now access a test environment that simulates real data exchange before ever interacting directly with the EHR or other integrated systems.

More features presented by the Redox FHIR® API:

Along with the Redox FHIR® API, Redox is supporting developer workflows with an extensive set of sample API calls, dashboard tools to experiment with the API immediately through the Redox sandbox, and step-by-step documentation for implementing healthcare workflows. To explore the suite of tools, visit the Redox FHIR® API page.

“We’ve been implementing and connecting to FHIR® endpoints for 5 years now, so we are excited to productize those learnings in our newest API release. The Redox FHIR® API empowers healthcare developers by providing a consistent, and normalized FHIR-conformant API,” explains James Lloyd co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Redox. “Developers only code once to the Redox FHIR® API to implement their integration use cases with every provider and health care organization, regardless of health system specific protocols.”

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About Redox

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