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November 18, 2015
George McLaughlin Director of Solutions Marketing

Howdy! Jim-Jam and Georgeous here with updates in the morning, episode #1.

Welcome to this new series inspired by a comment recently made at a morning huddle: “We haven’t done a very good job sharing updates with our users so lets start doing that, k?”.

As we make important updates to Redox I will work with our CTO, James Lloyd (AKA Jim-Jam) to distill them into bite size morsels that even a luddite like myself can understand. Hopefully you find this valuable (and the slightest bit entertaining).

So… what’s new?

Sample Sources & Destinations!

To provide a “free sample” of sorts, we created a sample Source and Destination for every new organization.

Both samples interact with our Dev Tools and demonstrate the functionality available to you after the creation of your own Source and Destination. Our Dev Tools act as a sandbox EHR and allow you to select a Data Model, pick patient/ provider/ location samples, and trigger messages as if you were integrated. With the sample destination you can see the message send from your dashboard to the endpoint we set up. Hopefully this gets you excited about all the cool logic you can build on your end to establish a workflow around what you will do when you receive these messages from an actual partner. You could be the privileged recipient of sample messages, all you need to do is set up a Destination and start playing. (And it even works with my CPU-crushing volume of browser tabs…)

Our sample Source acts similarly in that you can simulate sending a message through us to a health system or application partner. I suggest you test out our Clinical Summary Data Model which returns an example C-CDA from a NIST server. Trust me, your mind will start racing with all the things you could do with this information. The best part about this most recent update to your Source Dev Tools is…

Postman Collections!

Previously, an organization could create a development Source but there wasn’t much they could actually do with it beyond going through the process of authenticating with us (which is obviously important, but lacking in the instant gratification department). We found users (shout out to Evan “the other Lloyd” at Gweepi) were copying our message samples and using Postman (a tool that makes making web requests very easy) to perform advanced testing. We thought this was so awesome we built it into our app!

Now when you use our sample Source (or create your own), you have the option to trigger messages via a cURL protocol or by downloading a collection of messages we’ve provided on Postman. Really excited to hear your thoughts on this development.

Gauss Surgical and StatPayMD Officially Integrated!

Last, but certainly not least, we recently completed two successful integration projects. We helped our friends Gauss Surgical get integrated at Hackensack Medical Center and got the good folks at StatPayMD hooked up with QRS. Both projects were executed smoothly and we can’t wait to help Gauss and StatPayMD get live in more sites soon.

Whew! That’s it for now.

I’d love to hear your feedback around the first time you logged in to your Redox dashboard and what other features you’d like to see developed. Drop me a line at: [email protected] and I’ll see what we can do to incorporate your feedback.

Looking forward to sharing more updates with you all soon!

We added a sample Source and Destination to all new organization accounts so users can see what sending/receiving test messages looks like before doing any dev work. We helped two groups get integrated with new partners. Postman is cool.

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