What to Expect From CES 2017

Posted January 5, 2017
By QuHarrison Terry


CES—or, as I like to call it, “The mecca for the world’s most productive nerds!”—starts this week, and I’m downright excited.

My first encounter with CES was in 2006. I can remember sitting in class, ignoring the lesson, and focusing instead on the Engadget stories covering CES. Since then, I’ve marked my calendar every year, setting aside time to stay permanently glued to tech news during this awesome week.

But, this year is special: it’s the first time I get to attend!

Not only am I finally living out my dream of going to CES, but I’ll be involved as a writer, sharing the inside scoop and turning a select few of the thousands of hardware announcements into rich narratives for the masses.

I’ll mostly be focused on covering products in health tech, wearable devices, and the Internet of You, but I’m also going to unleash my inner fanboy for big advancements.

All this week, I’ve been pondering tech’s horizon and have made a few predictions for what kinds of things we’ll be seeing at CES 2017:

If you have a booth at CES or will be there as a visitor, shoot me a message on Twitter and we’ll find a way to connect.