(Re) introducing Single-Sign On (SSO)

August 6, 2020
Paige Goodhew Program Manager Product Marketing

We’re excited to announce that we’ve formally moved the Single Sign-On (SSO) data model out of Beta and into General Availability (GA). Savvy Redox users may have noticed the Beta flag that was added to a few of our newer data models, including SSO, last year. This was part of a new Beta process to help reduce the bumps encountered as we expanded new data models across different EHR companies.

Redox has seen significant expansion with the SSO data model this year and we have made the necessary updates based on our experience using this functionality with several different EHR vendors over the past few months. Redox customers use the SSO data model to facilitate in-EHR access for clinicians and users to be able to interact with their products. Examples include making sure patients have a ride scheduled for their next appointment, accessing patient-reported outcome measures, and reviewing population health best practices to assist with care decisions.

For more about the SSO data model, check out the original SSO release post and the Redox SSO Data Model API Docs.