Redox and Medable Partner to Offer the First Fully-Integrated Medical Research Platform

Posted May 12, 2017
By Corey Dahl

Recently, we announced a partnership with Medable to integrate iPhone and Android-collected clinical studies data directly with any EHR. This furthers Medable’s mission of enabling researchers to be digital health innovators—an objective that we’re passionate about as well.

In Freakonomics’ Bad Medicine series part-1, Stephen J. Dubner sheds light on one of the trickiest things about practicing, saying, “Let’s say you’re a doctor, and a patient comes to see you with a persistent headache. You make a diagnosis, and you write a prescription. What happens next? In many cases, you have no idea.”

The feedback loop in medicine is often very, very sloppy.”

This comment stuck with me. Now that EHRs are the norm, we have access to more data than ever before, so why is this feedback loop so sloppy? The answer is that the barrier to entry for researchers and clinicians to use the data in a meaningful way is far too high.

At Redox, we enable modern technologies like Medable to easily integrate with legacy healthcare IT systems via a modern API. This lowers the barrier to entry for developers, researchers, and clinicians who’ve developed incredibly valuable medical solutions, thus helping close this feedback loop.

Medable’s technology, Axon, allows researchers to collect data via mobile technology without needing to pull in a developer. Our partnership streamlines this mobile medical research by providing the first fully-integrated medical research platform between smartphones and EHRs.

By combining Medable’s application and analytics platform with our integration platform, clinical trial leaders and health researchers can integrate patient-generated health data directly into the EHR. Retrieving data from patients’ medical records allows Medable to analyze the full suite of patient data collected from both within and beyond the walls of the hospital—and the insights derived from doing so are game changing.

Healthcare researchers want to leverage mobile to provide connected care and continuous data collection. It is important […] for patient-generated data to really play a role in healthcare. We are excited to work with Redox to close the loop between mobile and the EMR both for the opportunity to provide better care and new insights from data.”

Michelle Longmire, MD, Medable’s CEO

Redox and Medable’s cloud-based technologies are in use independently at more than 100 health systems across the United States. We’re excited to deploy our combined technology and enable health researchers to close the feedback loop.