Crush healthcare data silos: How Redox + Google Cloud unlock real-time insights for life sciences with AI

June 3, 2024
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Imagine a world where life sciences companies aren’t bogged down by mountains of messy healthcare data trapped in incompatible formats. Or where AI projects in drug discovery or clinical research can launch in weeks, not months, fueled by a constant stream of real-time patient information. As Google Cloud’s preferred healthcare data partner, this is the future that Redox can deliver on to unlock the true potential of AI in life sciences.

At Google Cloud’s recent Generative AI Life Sciences Partner Summit, Redox’s Tim Kessler highlighted the critical role that data plays in accelerating life sciences use cases. Traditional methods often involve wrestling with a tangled mess of legacy healthcare data formats. This process can be a time-consuming bottleneck, hindering innovation and delaying crucial research.

That’s where Redox steps in, acting as a bridge between the fragmented world of healthcare data systems and the powerful world of AI. A vast network and deep expertise allows Redox to translate data from any source into modern, unified HL7® FHIR®, before ingesting it into Google Cloud to drive AI applications. 

Kessler emphasized the transformative impact of this speed on life sciences. This rapid activation allows organizations to experiment with AI models and digital therapeutics much faster, accelerating the pace of discovery and innovation.

But the benefits extend beyond speed. Redox facilitates bi-directional data flow, not only pulling vital patient information from EHRs, but also pushing relevant data back into the EHR. Redox seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud’s suite of AI tools, including Vertex AI and Healthcare API. This powerful combination helps life science companies to leverage their data for groundbreaking research, personalized medicine, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

Kessler wrapped up his session by showcasing how real-time data powered by Redox can accelerate and scale life sciences use cases, including clinical data registry support and digital therapeutics. 

Redox is a catalyst for life sciences innovation, collapsing data silos and enabling real-time healthcare data access in partnership with Google Cloud. Watch the full session to learn how Redox eliminates innovation hurdles and accelerates project timelines for life sciences organizations.

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