Join Redox at the 2017 Healthcare Interoperability Summit

Posted September 19, 2017
By Julia Zehel


Back in June, Redox put on the Redoxathon, our first developer-focused event that gave hands-on support to groups looking to connect to our sandbox EHR environments. The day-long event was hosted by our friends at MATTER in Chicago, and it was a big success—groups got connected, data was exchanged, and to be honest, a lot of fun was had.

Almost immediately after it ended, we began talking about what kind of event we could host next. We thought about turning our focus to the unique technical and sales issues of health systems, and we also considered throwing a Redoxathon 2.0. In the end, though, we decided to hone in on the issue that got Redox started in the first place: interoperability.

Because interoperability is an industry-wide problem, it’s solution requires collaboration across a diverse group: developer, analysts, administrators, investors, IT personnel, and so many more. Getting the right people in the same room to discuss interoperability—and how to meaningfully solve it— doesn’t happen often, which is why we decided to host the 2017 Healthcare Interoperability Summit.

This Summit will bring together healthcare thought leaders, application developers, CEOs, security personnel, investors, and other healthcare personnel who want to know how their organization can build out solutions (whether they’re technical, administrative, or strategic) that solve interoperability.

To kick-off the Summit, Redox will host a panel discussion on the evening of Thursday, November 2nd. The panel will review the state of health information exchange in 2017 and discuss the innovations and initiatives that promise to drive positive change in 2018. Participating panelists include Matt Warrens (VP of Innovation Partnerships at OSF Healthcare), Robert Dickau (Director of Developer Education at Allscripts), Leland Brewster, Intermountain Innovation Fund, Healthbox) and Matt Valin (Director of North American Sales at Glooko). A few others will be joining the panel, so be sure to check back as they’re announced.

The following day will be similar to the Redoxathon in format, but we wanted to expand the content we cover and provide valuable education not just for developers, but for anyone working in healthcare who can play a part in solving interoperability. As such, Friday will hold sessions around topics ranging from improving data security and interacting with FHIR to a walk through of what an integration project entails and how to implement best practices around selling to health systems. There will also be two Integration Workshops on Friday to give developers wanting to connect to sandbox EHR environments in-person assistance.

Read on for more detail about what each day of the Summit will be like.

Day 1: Healthcare Interoperability Panel

We’ll kick off the summit on Thursday, November 2nd with an expert panel comprised of healthcare executives, EHR vendors, digital health innovators, and influential investors. As mentioned above, this panel will discuss the state of health information exchange in 2017 and dive into the innovations and initiatives that promise to drive positive change in 2018.

5:30pm–6pm: Reception and networking
6pm–7pm: Panel discussion
7pm–8pm: Reception and networking

Day 2: Developer and Education Sessions

On Friday, November 3, we’ll get to work. Join the Redox team for a series of educational sessions and workshops that will provide healthcare developers and entrepreneurs with the information they need to avoid common pitfalls and build solutions that can scale rapidly and deliver results. From designing your product with integration in mind to understanding FHIR and security compliance, this event is for anyone building a digital health solution.


9:30-11:00: Designing Integrated Products with Nijay Patel 
Directly integrating your product with a health system’s electronic health record (EHR) can be challenging to say the least. In this workshop, VP of Product Nijay Patel will discuss how to keep EHR integration in mind as you design your product. Topics include:

11:00-12:00: A Developer Perspective on FHIR with Nick Hatt 
The long-awaited FHIR is finally being rolled out and used, but that doesn’t mean it’s working perfectly. Join Nick Hatt, Redox’s resident HL7 whisperer, as he covers what problems FHIR solves—and which problems developers still need to worry about.

1:30-2:30: Cyber Security From the Ground Up with Brett Gailey
Having a secure product is on the mind of every developer, product owner, CTO, and CEO. What does it mean to be secure, though? Join Brett Gailey, head of security engineering at Redox, as he discusses ways in which your organization can build secure software and have a security program that you can use in the real world.

2:30-3:30: HIPAA Compliance and the Cloud with Dharma Indurthy
Meeting compliance requirements in the cloud poses both technical and business challenges. Typically, there’s a shared responsibility for compliance between you and your cloud partner, available compliant tools and services are a moving target, and even once you architect something robust, you have to win the confidence of health systems that are used to on-premise solutions to their problems. This session will cover Redox’s experience in pursuing compliance and building credibility.


9:30-11:00: What to Expect When You’re Expecting To Sell into Healthcare with Devin Soelberg and Guest Speaker
Shorter sales cycles. Cleaner pilot strategies. Fewer IT hurdles. Join Devin Soelberg, our Chief Customer Officer, to learn best practices on how to move to a project kick-off faster.

11:00-12:00: Why I Emailed You: A Vision for an Integrated Future with Tim Kessler 
During this session, Tim Kessler will take you on a deep dive into several live use cases for Redox, and discuss how we see technologists leveraging our platform both now and in the immediate future.

1:30-2:30: Integration Doesn’t Need to be Scary: The Details of an Integration Project with Paige Goodhew
If you’ve never been part of an integration project, it can be difficult to know what to expect from one. Join Paige Goodhew from the Redox Customer Success Team as she walks through the process of integrating your application with a health system, including key tasks, health system resources and time estimates, and common risks and mitigation steps.

2:30-3:30: Maintaining Company Culture through your Compliance Certifications with Nick John
In this session, we’ll talk about how Redox approached our HITRUST and SOC2 certifications. We’ll explore the decisions made along the way which allowed our team the most amount of freedom while still ensuring we have a safe and secure infrastructure. We’ll also look at the security appliances and third party groups we use for external testing and auditing as well as share the lessons we learned throughout the processes.


12:30-2:00: Redox Integration Workshop & Catered Lunch

3:30-5:00: Redox Integration Workshop & Happy Hour

If the Summit sounds like something you’re interested in attending (or even if your’e just curious), we encourage you to come and check it out. Registration and participation is free, and our goal is to bring together as many people as we can.