Redox product update – Fall 2018

November 14, 2018
Sam Kollich -

Welcome to our Fall 2018 quarterly product update. We’re excited to share with you the latest and greatest from the past few months of development at Redox. If you want to learn more about any particular item, or if you have any feedback, we are always listening on Slack. Join and drop us a line!

Moving to POST for Verifications

Redox will be supporting POSTs (instead of GET requests) only for verification on or after December 31, 2018. For any destination needing verification, we’ll send a POST where the verification token is exchanged in a JSON body, along with a challenge. Subsequent communications using the verification token will be POSTs with the verification token in the header, and the JSON body being the data. We’re updating our documentation and Postman utilities to better walk through the verification process using POSTs, as well as outline how the token is used in follow on traffic. Please let us know if you’re running into trouble.

Medications Data Model

We released our Medications data model to facilitate real-time notification of new prescriptions and modifications or cancellations to existing ones. One use case is for an application that provides decision support services and often needs a full picture of the patient’s medications to provide accurate advice.

Learn more about the workflows supported by the Medications data model here.

Updated Support for Queryable Database

Redox’s queryable database allows Redox to store messages from event-based systems. Applications can then query Redox for specific information instead of listening to an entire data feed.

In one case, a health system stores patient demographic information in Redox. Using their patient scheduling application, they query for available slots and booked appointments and show the available slots to the patient to choose an appointment time..

We recently built the foundation for a data supplementation workflows in and out of Redox. Data supplementation enables queries to Redox and supplements additional information in transactions between sources and destinations. For example, we may receive a scheduling message from a health system, query our database for additional patient identifiers, and send a transmission to an application using both the information from the scheduling message and the additional identifiers from the Redox database

Interested in learning more about our queryable database?  Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, or Account Manager (Not sure who that is?  No worries, fill out a contact request here and we’ll get you in touch with the right person).

Enterprise Resource Planning

Redox now supports exchanging information with an ERP system. In one case, as transactions are completed, an application transmits patient and financial data to Redox via the Financial and Media data models. Redox then maps and transmits that data to the ERP’s instance at a health system via the ERP’s API.

XCA Source Communication and DocumentList

We enhanced our XCA communication method to support queries for multiple documents from querying systems. Redox now supports incoming queries from additional HIE systems such as the Mass HIway.

Error Management and Notifications

We’ve been building an error management and notification framework which helps our team more intelligently handle errors so that we’re only reaching out to you when it’s necessary.  We are continuing to expand the framework for additional error types and notification options.


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