Redox: the modern API for healthcare integration

November 30, 2014
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Hi Friends,

We’ve met with many of you over the past months. During this time period, 100health has taken various shapes. Through this journey we’ve learned a lot about innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. The U.S. has an immense opportunity to improve how care is delivered. Droves of entrepreneurs are rushing in to bring efficiency and quality gains. In order for many of these new technologies to be effective, they’ll need to share data with the health systems’ electronic health record (like Epic, athena, Cerner, Mckesson, etc.) The need for integration with the electronic health record (EHR) has proven to be a barrier to innovation in healthcare. That’s why 100health has chosen to aim all of our efforts at crushing it.

Enter Redox

This is our product. It’s designed to modernize EHR integration and make it 10x easier for applications to work in healthcare. (a deck if you’re into technical matters.) We’ve spent the last months working with application developers, entrepreneurs, and health systems to create a product that delights these parties and has the potential to connect the thousands of applications on the market today. (Here’s a video from HealthPitch.)

REDOX is the modern API for healthcare integration. And it’s ready.

Our development team (James and TC) have been slamming code and preparing for the onslaught of data-pipes we’ll connect between cloud-based applications and health systems. We’ve grown the team with our first hire, TC, an experienced developer we had the pleasure of working with while at Epic.

I’ve been surfing the customer pipeline lining up innovative healthcare applications who need us now. We’re in discussions with over 60 innovators from San Diego to Boston, Vancouver to Miami. Integration with the EHR is one of their biggest problem and we’re carving out projects to include the REDOX engine. Our first customer will have a data feed into a prominent health system using Epic and should be live soon. Many more to come.

Additionally, we’re proud to expand our team to include 11 investors who participated in our seed round. (Luke is quickly becoming a master of forecasting spreadsheets and term sheet provisions.) This group of investors sees the potential in this market, our strategy to attack it, and our ability as a team to execute. We’re honored to have their guidance and support in making a real dent in healthcare innovation.

Please stay connected and reach out if this sparked any ideas. We’re here to help.

Have a happy holiday season,
the REDOX team