R^R: A guaranteed 3-day weekend every month

April 7, 2022
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Everyone loves 3-day weekends. The little bit extra really allows us to recharge, catch up, and come back into the week with a zeal that only the infrequency of holidays can bring. At Redox, we have a flexible vacation policy where people can take off the time they need and want. But we’ve also found that sometimes we have to really encourage Redoxers take a break. 

One of our values is “Give a Sh!t”. We care deeply about the impact of our work, the problems we get to solve, the patient lives we get to indirectly impact. This can be a slippery slope into the land of burnout. Rest and recovery is essential to being creative and productive.

So, last year, we introduced what we call R^R days, bringing a guaranteed 3-day weekend to every month of the year. Essentially, there are certain months where the holiday breaks are, well, insufficient. Our People Team got creative and set out to solve this problem by declaring  Redox holidays to encourage employees to take this much deserved break. No meetings, no obligations. We’ve scheduled out R^R days over the next year, added them to all Redoxer calendars, and canceled all meetings.

The remaining R^R days in 2022 are April 8th and August 12th. 

If you’re trying to find one of us and get an out of office notice referencing this post, now you’re in the know. But not to worry, when we come back we’ll likely be more prompt, fresh, and excited to help you with whatever it is we can. 

Interested in your own R^R days? Feel free to bring it into your organization or join ours! 😉