Salesforce: Case Management with a CRM?

Posted February 29, 2016
By Niko Skievaski


Today we announced a partnership with Salesforce’s as they launch their Health Cloud product at HIMSS this week. In our early discussions, the first thing I wanted to understand was what the world leading CRM tool was doing in healthcare? After a demo and some discussion, I started to draw the similarities in activities between the jobs of a sales person and a case manager:

Sales Person Case Manager
Prospect high-value leads Identify high-risk patients
Prioritize communication with leads based on grading and scoring Prioritize communication with patients based on grading and scoring
Segment leads into different outreach programs Stratify patients into different outreach programs
Move leads through a sales pipeline Move patients through a care plan
Bring in sales engineers and account managers at key decision points Bring in care teams and family members as needed

This was starting to make sense. And just as a CRM needs to pull in outside data about leads, Health Cloud would need to pull in patient demographics, clinical histories, and real time updates in patient care. Health Cloud is connected our standard data models so any health system we’re live with can achieve turnkey interoperability.

App-to-app integration

One of the most exciting parts of this is that it also opens up interoperability between our entire ecosystem of enterprise healthcare applications. Redox is a centralized engine that passes all data through our standard models. This enables any node on the network to communicate, including a health system’s EHR instance, Health Cloud, other cloud based applications, or HIEs. Imagine a telemedicine application scheduling visits with case managers in Health Cloud. Or a medication adherence application sending updates to the case management console. These are the types of integrations we’re beginning to see through this network. I have to admit that these possibilities are beyond what we dreamed of when starting Redox.

I’ll be giving a quick presentation on Wednesday to describe how this all works. It’s my first time speaking at HIMSS so I’m pretty pumped. I’d love to see some familiar faces in the crowd and would appreciate it if you could make it out:

Wednesday at 2pm in the Clyde Ballroom at the SLS Hotel. Learn more here.


I spend my days with application developers who have dreams of moving the needle in healthcare. From big guys like Salesforce, to emerging startups like EmOpti, I’m filled with confidence that the increased adoption of cloud technology is making a real impact. It’s an honor to partner with you and your customers to achieve application interoperability for the sake of improved patient care. And it’s refreshing that in our complex collision of technology and compassion, the common denominator driving all parties is the patient. I found my old business card from my days at Epic. It gave me goosebumps when I flipped it over and was reminded what this is all about: “With the patient at heart.”