The Healthcare Hotspot: Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Posted May 1, 2017
By Julia Zehel

There’s a common notion that inspiration can strike while people are thinking in the shower. Or, that ideas can occur when people are deep in thought and have dedicated countless hours to thinking up something novel.

But other times, great ideas happen when people collaborate—bouncing ideas off people and feeding off creative energies can lead to bright ideas evolving faster.

People with shared interests coming together to solve common issues can result in amazing innovations, and this proves especially true when those involved are both intelligent and ambitious. There are countless examples of how a concentration of bright minds can foster innovative hotspots, but the most obvious example is, of course, Silicon Valley.

This concept has never been limited to the tech world, though, and other industries are seeing the value of innovating in areas where there’s already a wealth of highly talented and experienced individuals. The healthcare industry is a perfect example of this: health systems are brimming with people who have incredibly deep and nuanced insight into what innovations could improve their daily workflows and deliver better patient care.

Entrepreneurs have been tapping into the goldmine of experiential knowledge that clinicians and care providers inherently cultivate over the course of their careers, and this is why we’re seeing health tech companies flourishing in areas that have world-class health systems.

One of the most promising areas for health innovation today is none other than the Healthcare Triangle of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, where people are developing game-changing solutions and rethinking the way people receive care.

And with that, here are the companies in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina that are on our radar to do big things in healthcare this coming year:


BioMedomics, Inc.BioMedomics develops advanced quantitative point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platforms and disease-specific diagnostic tests.

Bivarus – Bivarus illuminates insights healthcare leaders need to quickly improve their patient experience.

CareCloud – CareCloud provides cloud-based health information technology software and services.

Ciox Health – Ciox facilitates and manages the efficient movement of health information via ROI and record retrieval with the industry’s broadest network of providers and requestors.

Decision Point InformaticsDecision Point Informatics provides mobile point-of-care evidence-based decision support to clinicians, and they partner with hospitals to connect mobile technology with existing infrastructure.

Diagnosoft – Diagnosoft provides innovative healthcare software analysis tools focused on supporting the cardiovascular field. The company developed HARP, the first FDA, 510k-cleared software for tagged MR images, which is part of their complete end-to-end solution for the analysis and quantification of cardiac magnetic resonance images.

DocsInk – DocsInk offers a multi-tiered platform that provides communication and revenue management tools for enterprises.

echoBase – echoBase focuses on the development of SaaS-based and cloud-based mobile applications for companies.

Forecast Health – Forecast Health provides health systems with predictive analytics that enables their members to grow with applicable clinical strategies.

HAP Innovations Their products and services define the future of healthcare by making it simple for patients, family caregivers, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to stay in touch.

iScribes – iScribes is a technology company that provides physicians with mobile apps and wearable technology.

kelaHealth – They deliver precision medicine at the frontlines of surgical care by providing a comprehensive platform for personalized surgical risk prediction and modification.

Keona HealthKeona Health’s Online Triage is a completely new way for nurse advice lines to increase efficiency and expand access to patients.

MD InterconnectMD Interconnect, Inc., developed a cloud-based mobile and Web application that allows clinicians to communicate seamlessly.

Medicom Technologies Medicom is a web application for the medical industry that provides fast and secure file exchange by bridging the gap between medicine and the forefront of technology.

MedlioMedlio alleviates the pain of visiting the doctor by enabling patients to access their records electronically at the tap of a finger.

myDrugCosts, Inc.myDrugCosts is a software platform that helps self-insured companies and their employees reduce their prescription drug costs and more.

Nicotrax – Nicotrax is a smoking cessation system that creates optimized cessation plans based on automatically collected behavioral data.

C3HealthcareRxAn innovator in healthcare and pharmacy services that helps their clients improve health outcomes and generate savings.

Pattern Health – They provide personalized, research-based motivation for health.

PeraHealth – PeraHealth transforms healthcare through predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions that identify at-risk patients sooner for earlier intervention.

Perspectum Diagnostics – Perspectum Diagnostics developed LiverMultiScan, a non-invasive medical imaging software tool which, combined with MRI, can be part of the diagnostic pathway for patients with chronic liver disease.

Polyglot Systems – Polyglot Systems provides software-based communication solutions designed to reduce language barriers and improve medication literacy.

RelyMDRelyMD is a highly secure, virtual collaboration platform designed for remote consultation of healthcare providers and patients.

Roundtable Analytics – Roundtable Analytics seeks to create and apply cutting-edge predictive and inferential methods to solve today’s biggest healthcare-related questions.

Scanslated – A patient-centered interactive radiology report.

Schulteis Ventures – A modern dashboard for healthcare analytics that helps you discover why the insurance claims your hospital or doctor’s office makes are rejected or under-reimbursed.

Shift Wizard – They help you increase your nursing productivity by easily organizing your resources with intuitive nurse scheduling and staffing.

Synsei MedicalSynsei Medical, Inc, improves maternal and fetal health, lowers healthcare costs, and provides better access to care in remote locations.

Teleflex – Teleflex improves the health and quality of people’s lives by applying purpose-driven innovation.

TouchCare – TouchCare makes mobile health easy by securely connecting physicians and patients anytime, anywhere.

Trapollo – Trapollo LLC is the leading service provider of remote health monitoring and managed services for chronic disease management.

VersaMe – Uses technology revolutionizes education from the earliest moments in life.

Verscend Technologies – Verscend Technologies (formerly Verisk Health) drives better healthcare outcomes through data analytics.

Visual MedTheir applications were designed by sonographers and practice administrators to do more with ultrasound images, while at the same time reducing the costs associated with the imaging process.

WhiteSpace Health – WhiteSpace Health is a provider of data analytics and cloud healthcare intelligence.

YPrime – Y Prime offers software solutions for clinical trial processes, enabling clients to stay on time and within budgets.

As the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area continues to foster healthcare innovation, it’ll be awesome to see these companies develop game-changing technologies that will help revolutionize healthcare. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. 

If you’re part of a team who’s pushing healthcare forward in North Carolina, reach out to us—we’d love to hear from you and feature what you’re creating on this blog.