Why Interoperability is Hard: The Plurality of Concerns

Posted by Dharma Indurthy on Dec 5, 2016 12:50:34 PM

At Redox, we have embarked on tackling a huge problem: interoperability. It’s not an atomic problem; it’s divisible into a number of more elementary, hard problems. We embarked on tackling interoperability because it’s challenging and so valuable to solve. Both aspects contribute to making Redox such an exciting place to work.

But what makes a problem hard?  It’s common knowledge that interoperability is hard, but less common is a deep understanding of what makes it so. I submit that much of what makes interoperability and it’s divisible parts so hard is the plurality of necessary concerns in the space we work in. Some of those concerns are:


How to Build a Multi-Sided Network

Posted by James Lloyd on Nov 21, 2016 10:45:00 AM

At Redox, we’re building a multi-sided network of health systems and healthcare technology vendors on a foundation of interoperability and ease of adoption. The value props for each side are simple but powerful: health systems get a single connection to cloud-based applications, eliminating redundant infrastructure costs and reducing the interface management headache, while applications get a single API to connect to that allows them to interoperate with dozens of systems being used at the hospitals and provider groups they sell to.


Redox Announces EHR Demo Environments with athena, drchrono, and Allscripts at Health2.0

Posted by Niko Skievaski on Oct 6, 2016 8:50:08 AM

Redox, the leading electronic health record (EHR) integration platform, announced during a demo at Health2.0 they are rolling out new developer tools that will allow digital health application developers to integrate with drchrono, Allscripts, and athena demo environments through a single API. These demo environments will dramatically augment the suite of dev tools available to application developers to share data with any EHR used at the hospitals or clinics they work with.


An EHR Integration Story: CODE Technology's Mark Scheppe

Posted by Niko Skievaski on Aug 24, 2016 10:58:48 AM

The other day, I had the opportunity to interview Mark Scheppe, a developer at CODE responsible for integrating their application at customer sites running EHRs like GE Centricity and NextGen.  In our talk, he explains the challenges associated with integration, as well as provides some insights for developers at the beginning of the journey.


Why Slack Makes Me Love My Team

Posted by Nick Hatt on Aug 16, 2016 11:00:00 AM

At Redox, we rely on Slack to communicate every single day, and while it's core value lies in it's sheer utility, there are plenty of other reasons we've come to love using it that aren't entirely related to work.


5 Things Rockstar Developers Need to Become Rockstar Healthcare Developers

Posted by Nick Hatt on Aug 2, 2016 10:56:25 AM

I've spent a lot of valuable time reading and learning how to become a rockstar developer from people like Fred Brooks and Jeff Atwood, but no one has really written a guide about how to be a rockstar healthcare developer. 

This post will be my quick hits on what is different about developing in the healthcare space and what Redox can help with. 


The Connectivity Problem

Posted by Luke Bonney on Jul 19, 2016 10:57:59 AM

The healthcare industry is a complicated beast. Undeniably, it helps people lead better, healthier lives and breaks new ground every year in what medicine can achieve. At the same time, it's also plagued by issues that keep it from advancing at the rate it should.


A Love Letter to the Customer Success Team

Posted by Nick Hatt on Jul 5, 2016 11:30:00 AM

When I worked at Epic, I was asked to do many challenging and exciting things. The most challenging and least exciting thing, though, was being a project manager for integration projects. Since this role exists at Redox as the Customer Success (CustoSucc) team, I feel privileged to be working with people who are excelling in ways I never could.

In this post, I'll explain what an integration project is, why it's a project, and why Redox has a recipe for success.


Why We Love the Cloud (and So Should You)

Posted by Nick Hatt on Jun 20, 2016 10:49:44 AM

In a previous post titled “3 Questions to ask your healthcare API vendor”, I  touched on why we don’t use an off-the-shelf interface engine for Redox. In this post, I want to dig deeper into why I’m so passionate about this. 


Healthcare IT gets a shoutout on Mr. Robot

Posted by Nick Hatt on Jun 14, 2016 3:38:50 PM

On the way back from my recent overseas adventures, I was lucky enough to binge watch the entire first season of Mr. Robot. The show is amazing and I highly recommend it!


The Official Redox Shirtification of Excellence

Posted by George McLaughlin on May 22, 2016 11:00:00 PM

One of the most amazing parts of building a network of health systems and digital health applications that can easily share data through our platform is all the incredibly talented people we get to work with on a daily basis. From brilliant app developers building solutions that will drastically improve patient care to the interface analysts and IT teams who valiantly keep all of these systems running and evolving- we get to interact and partner with really awesome people!


Explaining SOAP and REST to the BizDev team

Posted by Nick Hatt on May 15, 2016 11:00:00 PM

With all the EHRs that our engine interacts with, it's kind of hard to keep track of what all the connection types and data formats we support are. As always, I try to help clarify things.


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