Music isn’t the Only Beat that Apple’s AirPods Care About

Posted by QuHarrison Terry on Jan 20, 2017 4:21:32 PM

Flashback to high school. Remember when someone from your class wouldn’t be there for a couple of days... and then a week, and then a couple of weeks. The rumors about what was up with that kid would begin to seep out of the air vents, reaching everyone and spreading around the school.


Badass Women in Health Tech: Rachel Neill, CEO of Carex Consulting Group

Posted by Rachel Neill on Jan 18, 2017 1:57:31 PM

What does it take to be a successful woman in healthcare technology?


The Underrepresentation of Women in Healthcare—What Can We Do?

Posted by Julia Zehel on Jan 17, 2017 2:38:52 PM

I have a rather mixed bag of thoughts when it comes to the topic of “women in healthcare”, mainly because my childhood experiences with healthcare are closely linked to women. While I grew up feeling like the two were one in the same, my adult-self has come to know that women are not particularly well-represented in the healthcare field.


Health-Tech Growing Up: The Teenage Years

Posted by Paige Goodhew on Dec 28, 2016 10:18:37 AM

When I first began working in healthcare 14 years ago, it was using a DOS-based system on a terminal computer for admitting and registering patients at Elkhart General Hospital in northwest Indiana. I didn’t have my own cell phone yet and the idea of buying a laptop made me nervous because so many people had experienced catastrophic crashes with them. They just didn’t seem as stable as a desktop, you know?

In other words, I began working in the stone age.


Pro Tip: Understand the History of EHR Adoption Before Trying to Sell Your Application to a Health System

Posted by Rebecca DenHollander on Dec 15, 2016 12:42:53 PM

With an influx of digital health funding, more and more professionals from other verticals are flocking to healthcare in search of new challenges. Due to this, I find myself being asked how to sell healthcare technology to health systems, and ultimately having the same conversations week after week.


America's Healthcare Literacy Problem (and How We Might Fix It)

Posted by Annie Gallagher on Dec 12, 2016 11:59:11 AM

Millennials catch a lot of flak about their usage of phrases and acronyms—lol, wtf, omg, fomo, nsfw, af, tbh, etc. IMO, the only group of people using more confusing jargon are those in the healthcare industry.


7 Bold Predictions for Healthcare in 2017

Posted by George McLaughlin on Dec 8, 2016 4:26:41 PM

With the new year fast approaching, we took some time to think about the future of healthcare and predict what significant stories we'll see play out over the next year. Join us as we gaze into our snow covered crystal ball (it’s cold here in Wisconsin) for seven bold healthcare predictions for 2017.


Interoperability is how Healthcare can Escape the Echo Chamber

Posted by TC on Nov 15, 2016 1:11:06 PM

I’ve probably seen 20 different articles since the election talking about echo chambers and the idea that social media (along with the people we surround ourselves with) simply echo back to us what we already believe to be true.


Blockchain in Healthcare: Hype or New Hope?

Posted by George McLaughlin on Oct 12, 2016 12:02:24 PM

If you bring up blockchain in a normal conversation, most people will immediately start thinking about bitcoin.

They’ve probably never used it, but they’ve heard enough to acknowledge it as some “new kind of money”. 

If you fall into this category, (don’t feel bad, you’re in good company), I’d suggest you check out this quick explainer video before reading further, because this post about blockchain has nothing to do with money.


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