Vital Lines March 2023

March 23, 2023
Shelly Lucas Solutions Marketing Manager

Editor’s note

Welcome to the Virtual Care Newsletter, reimagined. Vital Lines in our new name, but our aim is the same: To deliver indispensable industry news to you in three lines or less. Enjoy!

Top stories

Loyalty to SVB still lingers

Some early-stage startups aren’t ready to write off SVB just yet.

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FTC: Stop lying about your product’s AI

Vendors playing fast and loose with “AI-powered” capabilities get a stern warning, but experts say regulation is waiting in the wings.

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Telehealth use jumps in December

Surprisingly, national telehealth use increased by nearly 4% at the end of last year. Fair Health analyzes tracker data by region, diagnosis, specialty, and more.

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DEA proposal rolls back prescribing flexibilities

The proposed rule, intended to ensure patient safety, will actually be dangerous for some patients.  

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Remote patient monitoring

RPM may unlock hospital-at-home eligibility

Studies like this one from Massachusetts General Hospital make a compelling case for RPM reimbursement beyond low-acuity scenarios.

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Continuous care

Baseball cards: A weary clinician’s BFF?  

Medical Home Network’s new digital tool delivers a “card” summary of diverse patient data, including care activity, claims, and SDOH information. 

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Patient engagement

Clinical notes do not demotivate patients 

The vast majority of patients who read their clinical notes don’t experience doubt or confusion, as providers had feared. Instead, they feel more informed and involved.

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New from Redox

How to get your CFO prospect to say “yes”

Do you have a strategy for reducing a CFO’s perceived risk of buying your solution? We do. And it’s built on market insights from McKinsey, Deloitte, and more.

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