Why the world needs a new kind of interface engine

November 23, 2015
Nick Hatt Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Interoperability is on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the Health IT space, and every time it gets dropped I never see any mention of developers. It seems like everyone has an opinion on what the government should do, what vendors should do, or what new standards need to be developed. Someone should be asking

What do our developers need to make this interoperability stuff happen? 

Developers thrive on examples

Whenever I need to learn something new, I go straight to the examples and start coding. This is the way many developers learn and master new technologies – not from a book but from trial and error. Sadly, places for developers to get working examples of healthcare data are few and far between. At Redox we recognized this very early on. Each of our data models come replete with great examples, and a suite of “Developer Tools” that can be used to simulate real data coming out of an EHR. Sign up for a free developer account and try for yourself.

Developers need help sometimes

While some may joke that Computer Science should be renamed “Googling StackOverflow” the reality is that developers get stuck. And given the dearth of good examples and documentation I mentioned above, this can happen faster than normal in healthcare. At Redox, we want to be your guides. As my colleague Devin eloquently blogged, there are lot of potential pitfalls on the implementation side of a project. We’re also here to help on the development side of things. Hit us with some questions on our public slack channel. Good luck trying to get in touch with a developer at an EHR vendor.

Developers want to go fast

Redox is the only purely SaaS EHR integration API out there. We knew the industry wasn’t moving to the cloud fast enough and part of our mission is to speed that up.

Spend time on what matters

We give developers a single endpoint to connect to, meaning they can spend more time making an awesome product and less time worrying about how they are going to manage connecting to all of your customers.

Design once, let Redox do the rest

We do the dirty work that health system IT teams usually do, manipulating HL7 and translating codes, meaning your developers don’t have to develop costly infrastructure and your project won’t get bogged down by all the IT work needed.


Most importantly, we are ready to scale with you, no need to worry about how you are going to go from 1 to 100 connections – we’ve got you covered.

I spent a lot of time working within the walls of health system data centers configuring interfaces from EHRs and traditional engines. Those years gave me a sense of the way it should work for modern web developers. We strive to make that ideal a reality at Redox. Most important to this is your feedback. You’re the ones making the the innovative apps and moving healthcare forward. We’re doing this for you; so please let us know how to do it better. Sign up for Redoxsend me an email, or join our Slack community. We’re looking forward to getting you integrated.