Live in the cloud, exchange health data anywhere.

Introducing the Redox Bridge, a connectivity solution for simply and securely exchanging healthcare data with on-premise EHRs and other legacy systems. 

Never worry about VPNs again. 


HTTPS Communication

The Redox Bridge establishes and maintains connectivity to on-premise systems. You'll receive data at a web hook of your designation and will send data by posting using the API Key we supply.


24/7 Monitoring

We've built monitoring best practices into all of our integrations. From heartbeat pings to ensure VPNs are live to redundant tunnels for failover, we make sure your integrations stay healthy. 


Compliant & Secure

The secure transfer of health data is our #1 priority. The Bridge, along with all other features of the Redox Platform, is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. You and your partners can rest easy knowing your data is kept safe. 

Finally, a simple way to exchange healthcare data.

Reach out to learn how Redox supports web service communication with on-premise EHRs. Your focus should be on building an incredible user experiencee—not on solving connectivity problems with legacy systems. The Redox Platform is a universal solution for healthcare data exchange—the Bridge is just one component that powers connectivity to on-premise systems through a centralized connection.

Contact our Solutions Team to discuss how you can leverage the Redox Platform to execute your healthcare data exchange needs.

Learn how you can easily share health data with on-premise healthcare systems.

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