Breg Case Study

Breg: Driving Market Expansion with Redox Integration

How Breg gained efficiencies, improved service, and grew market share.

The dream was to make the sharing of data universal and revolutionize patient care. Yet for mobile developers, accessing EHR data is cumbersome and time consuming, delaying delivery of innovation. With Redox and Kinvey, developers gain a standardized way of accessing EHR systems, making the subtleties of each system and turning a six-month project into a one-month project.

Shari Matkin, Senior Product Manager

Project Snapshot


Redox is HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant, ensuring that patient data is secure at every stage of transmission.


From initial connectivity to go live, Breg integrated with their Health System customer in 15 days.


Leveraging Redox's Scheduling data model eliminated the need for custom configuration on the health system side.


Breg chose to partner with Redox to integrate their software with the Epic EHR used at the Health System.


Breg's Vision Cloud Connect eliminates the hassle and double documentation of brace placement.


Integrating Vision Cloud Connect ensures seamless workflows for clinicians while saving them time and effort.

The Challenge: Cumbersome Implementation

Recognizing the growth opportunity with its patient workflow management software, Breg Vision®, Breg looked to fulfill its strategic objective of expanding its customer base and implementing the software among its 470 existing customers. However, seamlessly integrating the application with the plethora of EHR systems used in the marketplace today proved time consuming.

Ultimately, Breg’s goal was to use its software to help providers reduce the cost of healthcare while improving outcomes and creating workflow efficiencies—but needed a faster, more streamlined experience for customers.

Prior to partnering with Redox, Breg’s development team was limited to translating a few data formats at a time. Working with large EHR vendors to configure the product was often inefficient and time consuming. This limited Breg’s ability to scale and expand its footprint in the market. Deciding they needed an integration partner, Breg sought out Redox.

The Solution: Partnering with Redox

Breg recognized that partnering with Redox would help them achieve their goal of increasing growth while also expediting delivery, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing time to “go live.” In September 2016, after evaluating all potential solutions, Breg selected Redox as their integration partner.

“We chose Redox for a number of reasons,” said Shari Matkin, Senior Manager, Customer Experience—Breg Impact™. “We can integrate with any system and have the ability to say ‘yes, we can do that’ regardless of the EHR.”

The constraints of working with EHRs on a one-by-one basis changed when the development team could rely on Redox to automate the process. All data exchanged through the Redox platform adheres to standardized data models, allowing Breg to receive consistent data and configure software to interface with the Redox API just once—not multiple times as new EHRs are added.

When integrating with a new EHR, Redox standardizes data and normalizes incoming value sets to deliver consistent data to Breg, regardless of the language or system being used. This eliminates site-by-site variance and allows Breg to approach any customer with confidence, knowing they can integrate quickly and easily with the customer’s system.

Since working with Redox, Breg has connected to many leading EHRs including Epic, NextGen, GE Centricity, athenahealth, Cerner, Exscribe, and Phoenix Ortho. Breg has earned a reputation of being a leading medical device company with strong technical capabilities that meet customers’ complex needs.

The Results: Growth, Satisfaction & Competitive Differentiation

Vision’s success lies in its ability to seamlessly automate work within EHRs, making it efficient and intuitive to use. To be able to do this, cloud applications like Vision Cloud Connect must configure their technology to interoperate with the technology used by health system EHRs. They must also ensure that patient data is exchanged HIPAA compliant and follows privacy protocols. These complex barriers make integration projects technically challenging and time-consuming for both applications like Vision and the health systems with whom they partner.

This is why Redox was brought in—by leveraging the Redox platform, Breg could build against a single standard that allowed their application to interoperate with health systems in a consistent data format. Having an integration partner to execute and maintain the technical work allows Vision Cloud Connect and health system IT teams to focus solely on their product and integrate quickly.

With Redox, it took only 15 days from initial connectivity for Breg to go live with their Health System customer. Furthermore, Breg and the Health System avoided a costly up front schedule conversion, as Redox’s approach allowed the Health System to sync upcoming appointments months in advance. Using Redox to leverage time, connections, and cost, Vision Cloud Connect was able to accelerate the kick-off to go-live timelines and quickly deliver a world class health-tech solution.

“Projects are much easier with our Redox partners being the first line of contact for customer technology questions, helping to keep everyone on track, and holding them accountable to project objectives,” said Matkin.

Redox also enables Breg to improve satisfaction among its customers. Previously, Breg responded after customers contacted them if anything went wrong. Now, Redox monitors the connection, fields calls directly, and quickly finds a solution if problems occur—often before customers even realize there is a disruption.

“Redox has made our lives easier because provider organizations are constantly evolving their EHRs, and we have to be able to adjust quickly,” said Matkin. “Now it’s just a matter of contacting Redox support and getting updates implemented—usually in less than 24 hours.”

Beyond streamlining project management, partnering with Redox enables Breg’s integration team to remain small and agile. “We’re definitely leaner and more efficient,” Matkin noted. Even while maintaining a small technical team, Breg has tripled its project pipeline.

Next Steps

With such great success and accelerated growth, Breg looks forward to continuing its evolution and bringing Breg Vision® to more of its customers in the coming months and years. “We expect Redox will continue to be an extension of our offering,” said Brad Lee, CEO of Breg. “Redox will continue to break down technology barriers and help us deliver solutions to our customers faster and more efficiently.”

“One of our closest competitors hasn’t been able to interface with the sheer number of various systems like we do.”

Shari Matkin, Senior Manager, Customer Experience—Breg Impact™

Interested in Integration?

Switch from Another Integration Engine

"The biggest reasons we switched to Redox from Mirth was the ongoing costs of customizing messages for each client. We had to invest in a lot of specailized knowledge and dedicated developers just to handle Mirth. We already do REST APIs so switching to Redox was a win-win."

Glen Colby, Developer Lead, Healthwise

Ditch Unnecessary Integration Work

"For us to connect to an Epic helath system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success."

Shari Matkin, Senior Product Manager, Breg