Speed data migration from payer systems and EHRs to AWS with Redox for Cloud

AWS can unlock the power to fix healthcare, but you’ve got to get the data there first.

Combining clinical data in all its forms with administrative data in the 40-year-old X12 format is challenging. Mapping that data for ingestion into the cloud is even more challenging. Some consulting agencies will charge millions to get the job done, but with in-depth integration expertise, Redox for Cloud AWS adapters shorten this process to just weeks at a fraction of the price.

How does Redox to Amazon S3 architecture work?

Are you looking to accelerate your digital transformation while also mitigating the risk of moving into the cloud? Redox for Cloud is a secure API built to reduce the complexity of getting healthcare data into Amazon S3 from any EHR or legacy system. Once the data is there you can get the full value of your AWS investments – streamline your member workflows, store clinical or admin data, unlock AWS-native analytics, and more.

Graph showing Redox to Amazon S3 architecture