Speed healthcare data migration to AWS with Redox for Cloud

AWS can unlock the power to transform patient experiences, but you’ve got to get the data in there first.

The process of mapping, normalizing, and converting data from electronic health records (EHRs) into a format ingestible by AWS can be complex and lengthy. Some consulting agencies and system integrators will charge millions to get the job done with a bespoke one-off approach for each connection. Use Redox for Cloud to shorten this process to just weeks with our in-depth healthcare integration expertise.

How health systems can liberate the true value of the cloud and reduce the risk of unexpected costs.

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How does Redox to AWS architecture work?

Utilize Redox for Cloud to accelerate your digital transformation. Reduce the complexity of getting healthcare data into Amazon S3 or Healthlake to streamline your patient workflows, store clinical or admin data, unlock AWS-native analytics, and more.