Get admin and clinical healthcare data into the cloud, without the pain

Google Cloud is poised to transform your member experiences, but you have to get the data there first.

Getting legacy clinical data (HL7v2, C-CDA) and administrative data (X12) from multiple electronic health records (EHRs) and payer source systems into FHIR for ingestion into Google Cloud can be a major headache. Without expert support you might be destined for delays or cost overruns. Mitigate the risk with a Redox for Cloud Google adapter. We will get the job done in just weeks, at a fraction of the cost of consulting firms.


Redox can enable bi-directional, real-time exchange in just weeks


Code to Redox once and monitor from a single dashboard – whether you have 1 integration or 1,000 integrations


Our team of experts gets you connected, and keeps you connected 24/7


HITRUST certified and SOCII compliant

Redox to Google Cloud architecture for payers

Whether you’re looking to supercharge analytics with Google Cloud-native analytic tools like BigQuery, Cloud AutoML, Vertex AI, or Notebook, streamline processes with Workflows, or create 360 patient views with Care Studio, Redox for Cloud can reduce the friction of getting the right data in the right place, fast.

Redox for Cloud Google Payer graph