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Mytonomy is a video-based patient engagement platform that manages the clinical patient journey for health systems and providers. The Mytonomy® Cloud for Healthcare helps healthcare organizations give patients what they need to care for themselves – in the palm of their hands. Mytonomy engages patients in their care with compelling, broadcast-quality microlearning videos, and a powerful suite of communication and survey tools for continuous improvement. Orchestrated by an intelligent, novel healthcare CRM, Mytonomy adapts to each patient to deliver a tailored experience that helps them manage common and chronic conditions, better prepare for invasive procedures, and more accurately adhere to post-discharge treatment plans. Their approach is foundational in driving digital transformation and a new virtual care model. As a result, Mytonomy enables organizations to achieve better results and helps patients get healthier.

Mytonomy’s award-winning film studio produces a growing catalog of high-quality educational videos that can be customized to address an organization’s specific patient population and branding requirements. This content is delivered through the Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare, comprised of five comprehensive modules:

  1. Patient Experience Cloud provides a personalized viewing environment that unlocks the hospital’s digital front door;
  2. Content Cloud streams video content to patients on any device, anytime and anywhere;
  3. Communications Cloud sends text and email nudges to patients as well as surveys that help optimize experiences;
  4. Analytics Cloud reveals actionable insights for data-driven decisions; and
  5. Research Cloud supports Institutional Review Board (IRB) participants with consent options to join tailored studies.

Mytonomy’s enterprise cloud platform also integrates with major EHR applications to deliver seamless experiences for patients and clinicians.

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