VIRTUAL CONFERENCE · Wednesday, March 25 at 1pm ET

COVID-19: Innovators Ready to Help

Connection-ready Health Tech to Enhance Your COVID-19 Response

Just-the-facts on Connection-ready
Applications that Can Help

Redox and select partners are collaborating to help you tackle the challenges of this crisis.

We are waiving fees in Q2 for new deployments of digital health solutions that can help manage COVID-19. This is how we can help .

At this virtual conference, you will see innovations from developers with applications ready to deploy today. These profiles will not be sales pitches. The program’s goal is to serve healthcare organizations during a public health crisis by profiling a number of connection-ready applications

Wednesday, March 25


1:00 · Welcome from Redox

Niko Skievaski, President and Devin Soelberg, Strategic Partnerships

Before Hospitalization Assessment

1:15 · Vital Software

Aaron Patzer, CEO and Dr. Justin Schrager, CMO

1:30 · Bravado Health

John Bernot, MD, Chief Medical Officer

1:45 · Gauss

Siddarth Satish, CEO

Patient Is Presenting to the Facility

2:00 · Appointment Launch

Steven K Cox, OD

2:15 · Epion Health

Lauren Lavin, Director of Strategic Accounts

2:30 · ER Express

Michael Cutter, VP of Business Development

Emergency Situations While Admitted / In Facility

2:45 · Redivus

Jeff Dunn, CEO

Coordinate Resources Across Facilities

3:00 · Logical Medical Systems

David Geller, CEO

3:15 · TORQ

Joanna Geisinger, CEO

Communication While Admitted / In Facility

3:30 · Careloop

Dr. Foster Goss, CMO

3:45 · EmOpti

Edward Barthell, MD, CEO

Telehealth & Post Discharge

4:00 · MedBridge

Leah Shlyakhov, Chief Revenue Officer

4:15 · Locus Health

Lindsey Koshansky, VP of Clinical Innovation

4:30 · Glooko

Zach Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer


4:45 – 5:00pm · Closing

Devin Soelberg, Strategic Partnerships


1:00pm ET · Welcome

Niko Skievaski, President; Devin Soelberg, Strategic Partnerships

Redox standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides a single, easy to use API for exchanging healthcare data with any partner making rapid deployment of fully integrated telehealth solutions possible. When integrated properly, access to comprehensive, accurate information and ease of use results in higher adoption rates at a time when offering virtual care solutions couldn’t be more critical.

1:15pm ET · Vital Software

Aaron Patzer, CEO and Dr. Justin Schrager, CMO

Vital Software has launched along side Emory Department of Emergency Medicine and the Emory Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response to help keep people out of hospital and doctor’s offices that don’t need to be there, while also providing patients peace of mind. Since launching on March 20th over 250,000 people in 20 countries have used the site to assess their individual risk and receive instructions on what to do based on these risk factors. Through the Redox partnership the tool can be whitelabeled for individual health systems (your brand) and linked to from their website, the tool includes analytics about user populations accessing the site.

1:30pm ET · Bravado Health

John Bernot, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Use Ayva to collect information from patients without requiring a home or office visit. Ayva screens patients daily for their temperature and health status, notifying you of patients who continue to exhibit symptoms. Ayva also provides patients with the latest CDC guidance in the event of exposure. Health personnel can easily track all COVID-19 cases from a single dashboard.

1:45pm ET · Gauss

Siddarth Satish, CEO

Gauss has pioneered CONTACTLESS TRIAGE of COVID-19 patients at the front lines. The app, Apollo, guides patients presenting to an ER or drive-through test facility through a COVID-19 screening and generates an encrypted QR code mobile pass that health workers scan through the car window to rapidly review triage data and call the patient by tapping a button. This minimizes exposure, maximizes use of PPE and enables high throughput by eliminating direct contact with patients unless necessary. Apollo is available in multiple languages and will load on any smartphone by simply scanning a QR code placed at the entrance to the health care facility.

2:00pm ET · Appointment Launch

Steven K Cox, OD

Appointment Launch can make your waiting room virtual during the COVID-19 crisis. Pre-screen and inform patients before they arrive with custom COVID-19 pre-appointment, electronic questionnaires. Handle patient “paperwork” and check-ins online, reducing staff and patient exposure as much as possible.

2:15pm ET · Epion Health

Lauren Lavin, Director of Strategic Accounts

Epion Health PreVisit enables patients to complete the appointment check-in requirements remotely and from their own mobile device, prior to a telemedicine visit or arriving at the site of care, via text messaging, without the need to download an app. PreVisit check-in ensures accurate patient information, including COVID-19 screening questions, is gathered prior to the appointment, and custom messaging protects staff and patients by guiding patients to call the office, convene at a designated alternative location, or engage in a telehealth session.

2:30pm ET · ER Express

Michael Cutter, VP Business Development

ER Express Solution for Digital Queue Automation to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus and Protect Staff and Patients at Urgent Care Clinics and EDs: 1) Enable patients to securely get in line from their own device, wait from their car upon arrival or save a spot in line from home (virtual waiting room). 2) Empower clinic staff to influence patient arrival times, automate load-balancing, and collect salient patient information in advance. 3) Engage patients with custom notifications about their visit via text message.

2:45pm ET · Redivus

Jeff Dunn, CEO

The sickest of COVID-19 patients may experience respiratory/cardiac arrest which often times leads to death. Redivus provides real-time documentation and decision assist when a patient’s heart stops. We are here to give confidence to your providers during these times of crisis.

3:00pm ET · Logical Medical Systems

David Geller, CEO

C19 Tracker is a remote-monitoring and telehealth solution for patients who present at a clinical facility and are recommended by their physician to recover at home. C19 Tracker will periodically check in on the patient’s well-being and evolving symptoms and will provide guidance, based on best practices and recommendations made by their physician, who will also have access to the patient-reported updates. No more phone tag. No integration required; up and running in minutes.

3:15pm ET · TORQ

Joanna Geisinger, CEO

Many hospitals have postponed elective procedures to allocate resources to fight COVID-19. When normal case loads can be resumed, the schedule is going to be extremely fluid to fully utilize all OR time. TORQ automates the process of sharing surgical schedules with vendors by pulling information directly from the EHR and sending it to the appropriate vendor’s phone. By maintaining accurate and complete information, TORQ helps surgeons stay on time and proceed with cases as planned.

3:30pm ET · CareLoop

Dr. Foster Goss, CMO

CareLoop allows care team members to communicate directly from their workstation within the patient chart—either through written communication in the feed or through virtual visits—to increase touchpoints and flow of information while helping to conserve crucial PPE resources and limit exposure. Automated messages triggered by events in the EHR, check-ins, and broadcast messaging features keep patients and families informed while alleviating burden on the care team.

3:45pm ET · EmOpti

Edward Barthell, MD, CEO

EmOpti is a pioneer in tele-triage technology that allows healthcare providers to conduct video consults with patients across multiple emergency rooms. The tele-triage platform helps emergency departments manage patient surges, reduce provider exposure to COVID-19, and allow quarantined clinicians to productively and safely facilitate patient care.

4:00pm ET · MedBridge

Leah Shlyakhov, Chief Revenue Officer

MedBridge is supporting our clients, their patients, and the healthcare community through this difficult time of virus containment, anxiety, and social distancing trends by offering innovative solutions to provide remote care, support education and training, and adjust to a new business paradigm. MedBridge recently launched Telehealth Virtual Visits to its digital patient engagement suite to support remote patient care.

4:15pm ET · Locus

Lindsey Koshansky, VP of Clinical Innovation

We design and develop programs that support care at home efforts for health systems to be able to monitor their patients, including efforts to support patients who present with COVID-19 symptoms or test positive. That workflow includes the deployment of a Locus iPad and platform that is highly configurable and tailored to support the patient in their home.

4:30pm ET · Glooko

Zach Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer

Glooko is offering a secure, privacy-protected remote-care solution at no charge to medical clinics as a public service to broaden access to remote diabetes care during the time of greatest concern to public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The intent is to help minimize the risk of possible exposure to the virus for people with diabetes.

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Sessions recorded on Wednesday, March 25, 2020