Healthcare Integration Doesn't Need to be Scary.

We work with hundreds of organizations selling integrated solutions to health systems. We know what data is available, and how to get it in and out of EHRs (and other legacy systems, too). Our team of integration experts help you design scalable integration strategies, push through tough questions from network security teams, solve workflow anomalies in clinical committees, and jump any hurdles along your sales cycle.

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Your solution was created to positively impact the lives of patients and providers. With that as your focus, you never thought you'd need to figure out integration. Luckily, our team has built the industry-leading platform for executing data-sharing relationships with all of your customers. We take care of connectivity, data translation, and maintenance so you can focus on what matters—your users.

Redox simplifies executing integration relationships with your partners to a single connection and data standard, eliminating the need to customize how you send and receive data with every new customer. In the race to achieve significant market share, discover how quickly you can move with a partner that ensures consistency across sites. What's more, our network is growing every day, and connecting to us wires you into an ecosystem that allows you to interoperate with any of our existing partners.




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