Ditch Unnecessary Integration Work

How Redox Keeps Your Team Focused

Partnering with Redox allows you to ditch integration work that is outside of your core competencies, keeping your team lean and focused on your products and users.

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Truly Consistent Data

Don’t settle. Enjoy a true build-once-go-anywhere integration solution with Redox.

Redox provides a strict canonical data model. This means ALL data you send and receive will adhere to our published data models, effectively eliminating variance across sites. This requires rigorous standardization and normalization that Redox performs. With traditional integration solutions you receive inconsistent data, leaving your team on the hook to write site-specific logic across all customer sites. With Redox, you will always see the same consistent JSON schema.

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We manage VPNs and API credentials so you don’t have to.

Integration at scale requires connectivity to a wide range of on-premise and cloud-based systems. Establishing and maintaining hundred of VPNs is no small undertaking. Acquiring customer specific authorization credentials and building logic to support dozens of different communication methods requires extensive development and maintenance. With Redox, all of these headaches are removed. Your connectivity requirements are simplified to a single set of authorization credentials and secure HTTPS connection. Leverage our robust infrastructure and industry-leading monitoring tools to get, and stay, connected with all of your customers.

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Don't let decades-old technology or EHR vendor variation limit you.

EHRs and other source systems in use at provider organization vary wildly. Some support event-based HL7 exchange. Others make available on-demand APIs. When delivering an integrated solution at scale, you will need to develop custom solutions to accommodate source system limitations. What was queryable with a certain set of customers won’t be with others. The Redox Platform has a full suite of normalization tools that enable pub-sub or query-driven workflows with all of your customers, regardless of source systems. Stop making compromises and start executing your ideal integration workflow across all of your customers.

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Let our integration engineers handle the back and forth.

Integration projects require close collaboration with a variety of stakeholders. From network and security teams to analysts, each stage of a successful integration requires communication to ensure all tasks are completed and testing is completed to ensure accuracy. At scale, your personnel resources capable of handling the various back and forth become a rate limiting factor. Partnering with Redox frees your team up to focus on the final stages of testing and go-live allowing you to execute more integrations simultaneously and keep your team focused on high value activities.

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Who on your team wants to get up at 2:00am?

Hiring engineers is hard. Hiring engineers to work outside of business hours is almost impossible. All integrations powered by Redox include around-the-clock engineering support. We install proactive monitoring tools that notify us when issues arise. Upon notification, our team acts as first responders to triage the issue and deliver speedy resolution. Let our team of experts act as an extension of your team instead of building an integration division within your organization.

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