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Healthcare Integration Doesn't Need to be Scary

Learn how to build and sell a healthcare solution that integrates with any system.

The Road to Going Live with Redox

This guide walks you through what an integration project looks like, from the staff involved to weekly timelines.

Redox on FHIR

FHIR is supposed to revolutionize sharing health information. Is it finally ready for primetime?

Redox Technical Architecture Overview

Learn how we standardize and transmit data across partner organizations.

Build vs. Buy: the Integrator's Dilemma

The questions you should ask yourself before choosing an integration solution.

How to Sell to Health Systems

We share some best practices we've learned over the years.

Redox: Who, What, Why, & How?

A clear and concise breakdown of what we do and who we serve.

Understanding Healthcare Interoperability

The origin of healthcare's "interoperability problem" and a path forward.

5 Ways Integration Helps Medical Devices Succeed

Not your grandma's pacemaker. Discover the future of smart medical devices.

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