Redox: Who, What, Why, and How?

    Looking for a clear and concise breakdown of what we do and who we serve? Look no further. This document is designed to get you up to speed fast and doubles as an effective way to introduce Redox to your colleagues.


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    Healthcare's Interoperability Problem

    "Interoperability" is one of healthcare's most overused and misunderstood buzzwords. In this guide, we overview the origin of this dilemma and outline the path forward.


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    Build vs. Buy: The Integrator's Dilemma

    When it comes to healthcare integration you have two options: enlist a partner, or go it alone. We share what questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.


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    Selling Your Solution to Health Systems

    Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to selling into a healthcare organization—it's just really, really, really, hard. We share some best practices we've learned over the years.

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    The Road to Going Live with Redox

    "So, what is this 'integration' you speak of, and how does it work?" This guide walks you through what an integration project with us looks like, from the staff involved to weekly timelines.


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    Redox Technical Architecture Overview

    How do we facilitate the transfer of healthcare data across disparate systems? Check out this guide to learn how we standardize and transmit data across partner organizations.   

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