Why EHRs Can't Solve Healthcare's Interoperability Problem

Believe it or not, EHR vendors won't be the ones to usher forth the future of health information exchange.

We've thought about this for a very long time and believe it's time that somebody finally says something.  So Redox's President, Niko Skievaski and VP of Business Development, Erin Trimble (formerly Athenahealth) have decided to take center stage to address the topic head on.

See below for what will be covered...

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Identify the Problem

What is the "interoperability problem" that we hear about so often?  Why is it critical to solve it as soon as the industry possibly can?


Why EHRs Can't Solve it

Diving into why EHRs can't solve this problem is what so many people have a difficult time understanding. We'll lay it out nice and simply.



Who Can Solve it Then?

This problem goes beyond a single EHR or a single health system. The true question that we'll address is who CAN solve this information exchange problem.