Redox on FHIR®

All the things you love about Redox, but now on FHIR®, including bidirectional exchange.


The Redox Platform now offers developers the choice to interact with FHIR® while still benefiting from the standardization and normalization provided to all organizations using Redox for health data exchange.  R^FHIR will allow applications to:

    • Communicate bidirectionally using FHIR® and message-based workflows.
    • For Vendors - Leverage a consistent FHIR® experience regardless of EHR vendor, or how/if FHIR® is implemented at the healthcare organization.
    • For Healthcare Delivery Organizations - Redox will modernize your existing interfaces, making them FHIR®-enabled APIs.

FHIR® is a registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7.

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Introduction Webinar
Join Niko and Nick to learn "everything you need to know about R^FHIR".
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Announcement Blog Post
George dives into the why, how, and what of R^FHIR.
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Press Release
Redox Launches FHIR API, Available at 200+ Healthcare Delivery Organizations
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