As healthcare evolves,
infrastructure must follow.

Redox connects your EHR to applications using your existing infrastructure. We manage the connections so you don't have to. We're powering hundreds of applications to freely interoperate with the same EHRs blamed for data blocking. You don’t need to wait for the world to change; everything you need to innovate is already in place.


Care coordination, telehealth, patient engagement, remote monitoring, decision support, etc. Redox is the largest ecosystem of integrated healthcare applications designed for the health system enterprise. Once Redox is turned on, apps are turnkey.

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Innovate Faster

We'll help you get the data you need out of your EHR the right way. Build apps that can scale across your enterprise and beyond. We partner with innovation teams to build apps, pilot more effectively, and commercialize applications. 

Dartmouth-Hitchcock partnered with Microsoft to launch ImagineCare, a new platform that revolutionizes the delivery of healthcare. In order to easily integrate with Epic, we utilized Redox to integrate with Epic in a scalable and efficient manner.

ImagineCare represents a big step forward in digital population health management. Through these integrated APIs, data can successfully pass through the necessary channels at the necessary times, ensuring patients, doctors, and ImagineCare staff all have consistent information to provide a more holistic view of the patient's health.

ImagineCare, Dartmouth-Hitchcock

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