Build healthcare solutions
that integrate with anyone.

We know—most healthcare software systems were built in the Stone Age. 
That's why we designed our platform to strip away the archaic complexity and provide a familiar, modern web experience.


EHR Vendor Agnostic

If it's been certified by the ONC, it's compatible with Redox.


Data Standards Agnostic

You work with JSON, we translate HL7v2, CDA, X12, FHIR, and Vendor APIs.


HTTPS Communication

Live happily in the cloud while we accommodate on-premise systems. 


Bidirectional Data Exchange

Read, write, and query healthcare data across all of your partners. 


Real-time Data Exchange

Don't limit yourself to batch pulls (we support that too). Build a product that can react in real time.


HIPAA Compliant &
HITRUST Certified

Rest easy knowing all data transmitted across the Redox Platform is safe and secure.

Start exchanging healthcare data in 15 minutes.

We designed Redox for the modern developer. That includes an easy to navigate organization dashboard and developer tools that allow you to simulate integration in the time it takes Postmates to deliver your lunch. 

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Join a community of healthcare developers.

With over 1,200 members, the Redox Slack group is one of the most active communities of healthcare developers and innovators in the world.

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What will you build?

Create a Free Developer Account and see how quickly you can start exchanging healthcare data with Redox. Scouts honor, this is a healthcare API that will make you smile.

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