Applied Science: Strategically Simple Solutions

Applied Science, Inc. (ASI) is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and production of innovative medical software and state-of-the-art technology which help improve overall operational efficiencies for both hospitals and blood centers. Founded in 1991 in Grass Valley, California, our mission has always been to develop advanced medical technologies that are simpler, easier, and safer to use. It started with the invention of a blood mixer and scale, the HemoFlow, followed by software solutions designed to reduce human data entry errors and simplify processes in the hospital environment. By providing workflow management solutions, improving blood collection processes, and creating tools to accurately and efficiently collect data, ASI has helped harness the power of patient data. ASI has created a significant presence in process automation and the global blood business with a broad portfolio of software and process solutions—using real-time data to enable informed decisions, maximize current investments, and increase job satisfaction for medical staff, resulting in improved patient outcomes. From innovative medical devices to paperless data solutions, all ASI products are created with the same strategic vision: to use process automation and data for greater operational efficiency and improved patient care.

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