BlueJay Health: Empowering Online Rehabilitation with Advanced Telehealth Technology

BlueJay Mobile Health provides evidence-based telerehab technology services that deliver real-world, real-time, data-rich services. Designed specifically for rehabilitation, BlueJay enables multi-user enterprises and associations of care providers to expand service reach, insurance and workers comp payers to control costs, and patients to be helped from home, work or anywhere. For durable medical equipment providers, BlueJay services are adaptable and can be integrated into existing solutions. BlueJay supports large, geographically diverse workforce teams. Used in thousands of US clinics today, BlueJay services are designed for outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, value-based and worker’s compensation insurers and their service affiliates, self-insured organizations, rural outreach providers, hospital systems and professional associations.

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